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We Ask The Industry – What’s One Thing You Can’t Survive without at Congress?

With the world’s largest horse show, the All American Quarter Horse Congress, just around the corner, GoHorseShow wanted to find out what trainers and exhibitors can’t live without during this month-long marathon show. Anyone who has had the amazing opportunity to experience the carnival-like atmosphere at the Congress knows that the weather is usually unpredictable, […]


Plus Power: How To Get That Extra Plus Half on Your Maneuver Score – with Jason Martin & Ashley Dunbar-Clock

Western Riding and Trail are two of the most challenging pattern classes to master. Both classes test the ability to communicate and connect with your horse effectively. GoHorseShow talked with multiple AQHA World and Congress Champion trainers and coaches, Jason Martin and Ashley Dunbar-Clock of Highpoint Performance Horses, to get their advice about both classes. […]


We Ask The Industry – Tips from Congress Champions on How to Prepare for Congress

Often, champion riders look like they have nerves of steel or ice water running through their veins. They seem to have innate confidence in themselves. But, while they may be born with that self-assurance, riders with the right mental and physical training can develop these positive traits.  These qualities are essential when it comes to […]


Assistant Trainer Spotlight: Emma Widener of Maestas Show Horses

Assistant trainer Emma Widener currently works for Maestas Show Horses in Pilot Point, Texas. Initially from Lamar, Colorado, Emma’s mother always loved horses. “I think she put me on a horse before I could walk,” Emma told us. Eventually, Widener went to West Texas A&M for a year and a half, riding on the equestrian […]


Slideshow: Celebrating 50 Years of the Congress in Pictures

Originally published 2016 When looking back on the past 50 years of the Congress, we spoke to no other than Clark Bradley of Findlay, Ohio, who has more experience at the Congress than just about anyone. He actually has 50 years worth of experience and memories. Bradley has not just attended all 50 years at […]


Seven Tips for Assessing Distance – with Jess Bergantzel and Mason Lyon

While trail and hunter over fences may seem like classes on the opposite ends of the spectrum, they share at least one important trait: the ability to accurately assess the distance between obstacles and cue your horse accordingly. We spoke with World and Congress Champion trainers Jess Bergantzel of Jess Bergantzel Show Horses and Mason Lyon […]


Taking a Chill Pill: Five Tips for De-Escalating Your Anger when You’re Frustrated with Your Horse 

We’ve all been there. You have a beautiful ride, all is going well, and suddenly your horse spooks or bucks or gets naughty and ruins the class. Or maybe you’re going through a period of tough lessons and difficult growth with your mount and are struggling to avoid getting frustrated by the process. Horses are […]