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VS GoodRide Candids from 2022 APHA World Championship Show

The 2022 APHA World Championship Show is underway in Fort Worth, Texas. This year, Youth, Amateur and Open exhibitors will compete for over $1.35 million in cash and prizes throughout this star-studded event running through July 10th at the iconic Will Rogers Memorial Center. With over 2 weeks of competition from the industry’s best APHA […]


Go-To Links for 2022 APHA World Championship Show

The 2022 APHA World Championship Show runs from June 24th through July 10th at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The Open, Amateur and Youth APHA World Shows are combined into one summer extravaganza, all competing for over $1.35 million in cash and prizes with no qualifying required. GoHorseShow has compiled a list […]


Five Tips to Boost Confidence on Show Day – with Jamie Dowdy and Jenna Tolson

In showing horses, we are participating in a sport defined by the five words, “you are now being judged.” When exhibitors step into the arena, they are subjecting themselves to the assessment of the judges, their fellow exhibitors, and spectators. It is an inherently vulnerable sport that requires a certain sense of self-confidence. However, it’s […]


More VS GoodRide Candids from Pinto World Championship 2022

The Pinto World Championship is a 13 day horse show held in June every year in Tulsa, OK. Around 800 Classes cater to all ages and levels such as youth, amateurs, novice and open. Our classes cater to all types of equines such as Stock Type, Hunter Type, Pleasure Type, Saddle Type, Utilities, Miniatures, and […]


Tips to Help Nervous Riders at Shows – with Nancy Cahill

Every rider feels nervous from time-to-time. Nerves can kick in, especially when stretching out of comfort zones. Feeling anxious is not always bad since it allows exhibitors to experience that substantial high and feeling of accomplishment when the task is completed. However, it can often impact how riders progress and prevent some from achieving goals. […]


VS GoodRide Candids from Keystone Showdown 2022

It’s not just a show…it’s an event! That’s the motto for the Keystone Showdown and no truer words have ever been spoken. In its 11th year running, the show continues to see large class sizes, multiple drawings, and great awards that are always a hit with exhibitors. Not to mention the Battle of the Barns […]


Oh, Look! A Squirrel! – Five Tips for Focusing a Distracted Horse with Anthony Leier

There is a saying, “Where focus goes, energy flows.” And while this is often used to inspire humans, it couldn’t be more accurate, in a literal sense, for horses. Learning how to focus a distracted horse at home is critical to a productive training session. Likewise, learning how to focus a distracted horse at a […]


More VS Goodride Candids from Redbud Spectacular 2022

A whirlwind of a horse show! The always popular Redbud Spectacular, held June 2-12, 2022 at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This event remains one of the premier shows of the season. Hosted by the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association, the Redbud offers something for everyone with outstanding facilities, location, judges, class lineups and […]