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Develop Subtle Cues and Communication with Your Horse – with Colton LaSusa

Whether you are in or out of the show pen, effective communication is essential for a successful ride. We rely on our equine partners to understand our cues and, as riders, it is our responsibility to convey those cues as clearly as possible.  AQHA World Champion Colton LaSusa agrees, saying that effective communication between horse […]


Legendary Show Horse Zippos Tiger Bar Passes Away at Age 32

We are heartbroken to report that Zippos Tiger Bar, one of the industry’s legendary show horses, has passed away at 32. His last home before his passing was with the Alderman family in Wisconsin. Aubrey Alderman shared some thoughts about her beloved horse. I’ve tried sitting down to write this a couple of times, but […]


2021 All American Quarter Horse Congress Show Schedule Released

COLUMBUS, OH – The All American Quarter Horse Congress is an unmatched destination for equestrians from across the globe. The Ohio Quarter Horse Association (OQHA) has created a legacy by maintaining the largest single-breed horse show in the world, the All American Quarter Horse Congress. The 2021 All American Quarter Horse Congress schedule is released for September 28 […]


Developing a Successful Trainer and Client Relationship – with Highpoint’s Ashley Dunbar-Clock

Now that the horse show season is well underway, many people finalize their show calendars and set up their goal list for the upcoming season. Maybe your goal is to begin saddle breaking your 2-year old or attending the 2021 All American Quarter Horse Congress. Whatever you may want to do with your horse in […]


Exuding Confidence in the Horse Show Arena – with Gretchen Mathes

Horse show exhibitors who exude confidence and convey a strong, communication-based partnership with their horses are the ones who make a strong impression on judges. To present themselves as relaxed, but attentive equestrians, ready to take on the challenges of a class, riders must convince judges they understand the nature of their event and how […]


Five Easy Stretching Exercises to Do Before Riding – with Equestrian & Physical Therapist Jennifer D’Onofrio

Maintaining the equine athlete’s overall health is at the top of everyone’s list of priorities as they strive to compete at the best of their ability. But, are you aiming for that same level of health for yourself? Equestrians ask a lot of their bodies, and injuries do occur. Instituting a healthy routine can be […]


Cost-Cutting Tips for Attending Caviar Shows on a Tuna Fish Budget

Ever feel like affording to show horses when on a budget is like wanting caviar when you can only afford tuna fish? Well, you are not alone. Arguably one of the most frustrating aspects of showing horses is the cost. And the end result is often that many exhibitors find themselves sacrificing the quality of […]


New Year, New Horse: Developing a Winning Partnership – with Will Knabenshue and Pierre Briere

For people passionate about showing, few things stir as much excitement as welcoming home a new horse. Whether you are stepping up to the next level, returning after a hiatus, or adding a second horse to your string, getting a new horse is fun, and sometimes stressful. Developing a strong relationship with your horse can […]