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General News

Final Candids and Results from 2024 Arizona Sun Circuit

That's a wrap from Scottsdale. Check out the final GoHorseShow Candids and results from the 2024 Arizona Sun Circuit and special thanks to VS Code Red for sponsoring.

A Solid Win or a Colorful Conundrum: APHA Passes Rule to Eliminate the Solid Paint-Bred Showing Division in 2025

APHA's decision to eliminate the solid horse show division is certainly a hot-button issue. We break down all the details, benefits, and disadvantages.

If it Ain’t Broke: Tips for Breaking Out a Young Horse – with Casey Willis

Leading trainer Casey Willis discusses his tips for laying the proper foundation with your young horse to set them up for long-term success.

Get the Insider’s Scoop on Learning a New Class – Part 2 Horsemanship

In part 2 of our 4-part series, "Get the Insider's Scoop on Learning A New Class", veterans share tips for newcomers taking on a new challenge. Next up...horsemanship!

GoMag: March Spring Shows Issue Online Now

March GoMag is here! See what the best in the industry have in store for the spring show season in the 2024 March Spring Shows Issue of GoMag.

Breeding for Success: Q&A with Leading Breeders Cindy Stephens-McCraw & Paige Quarterman

Breeding horses is not for the faint of heart. Paige Quarterman and Cindy Stephens-McCraw share their best advice for being successful breeders.

We Ask The Industry: How do You Overcome a Negative Mindset when Showing Horses?

We asked top individuals in the industry how they change toxic thoughts into positive patterns of behavior to develop a winning mindset in the show pen.

Get the Insider’s Scoop on Learning a New Class – Part 1 Showmanship

In our latest series, "Get the Insider's Scoop on Learning A New Class", accomplished veterans share their tips for newcomers taking on a new challenge. First up...showmanship!

Tapping into the Potential: The Benefits and Disadvantages of In-Utero and Embryo Sales with Katie Van Slyke

Advances in the science behind breeding has led to a rise in “pre-birth” sales. We spoke to Katie Van Slyke about the benefits and risks of selling embryos and in-utero foals.

Spreading the Love: Tips for Bonding with Your Horse – with Ashley Clock and Scott Reinartz

In honor of Valentine's Day, Ashley Clock and Scott Reinartz discuss ways you can bond with your horse to build your connection as a team.

Six Tips for Preventing Brain Fog while Showing

Do you freeze up sometimes right in the middle of showing or forget your pattern? We've compiled some quick tips to help when your brain decides to start firing sideways.

Riding Exercises to Sharpen Your Riding Skills – with Maryah Cugno & Torey Roderick

Are you feeling rusty in the new year? Industry experts share exercises to help refresh and sharpen your riding skills for the 2024 show season.

We Ask Trainers: How do You Handle a Horse More Talented than the Rider or a Rider More Talented than the Horse?

Horse and rider teams aren't always the perfect match. We talked to multiple coaches and trainers on how they handled this hot button issue with their clients.

GoMag: February Breeding Issue Online Now

Love is in the air and the February Breeding Issue of GoMag is here to spread it throughout the industry. Go check it out now.

Top 10 Funniest Horse Related Memes

We've compiled some of our favorite horse memes from social media that made us laugh. Do you have any others? Share them in the comments.
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2024 Keystone Showdown Candids

Jackets Returning to the AQHYA World Championship Show

Redbud Spectacular 2024 Candids

GoFundMe Set Up for Fellow Horsewoman Megan Vanderslice

James Collier Passes – Memorial Details Announced

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2024 Keystone Showdown Candids

Funny Business: Learning to Laugh at Yourself May be the Best Horse Show Medicine

Jackets Returning to the AQHYA World Championship Show

5 Quick Tips to Become a Better Rider: Trail – with Ashley Dunbar-Clock

Redbud Spectacular 2024 Candids