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Exercises to Improve Rhythm for Riding Horses

Rhythm in horseback riding is the rider’s ability to feel the movement of the horse, and that comes from the horse’s feet. Horse gait rhythm differs, like different types of music have their own beats. Learning to feel those different beats is a matter of learning to feel ripples of vibration from your horse’s feet […]


Real Life Show Horse to Children’s Book Character: Lauren Stanley Brings ‘Rooster’ to Children Everywhere

A new storybook featuring an endearing horse and his journey to find his self-confidence is making its way to children’s bookshelves across the country. Rooster the Red Roany Pony was created by a member of our horse show community, Lauren Stanley, portraying the life of her show partner AQHA gelding Extremely Good Stuff. Rooster, as […]


Growing Pains: Pairing a Green Rider with a Green Horse

At one point in time, every successful showman was coached through their first class. Every show horse was young and just learning the ropes of how to be a trustworthy partner in the arena. These early experiences are crucial pieces of the equation that is horse showing, so the maiden voyages are often left under […]


We Ask The Industry: What’s Something You’ve Done that You’re Fairly Certain None of Your Horse Friends Have Done?

From writing a number one song to trekking up to see mountain gorillas in Uganda, there is a multitude of unknown facts we may not know about our fellow equestrians. GoHorseShow has always loved featuring fascinating individuals in our industry. We’ve done other articles about things equestrians in the industry love and hate as well […]


Horses from Certain Areas Banned from All American Quarter Horse Congress Due to Highly Contagious Viral Disease

REYNOLDSBURG, OH – In an effort to protect horses and other livestock in Ohio, the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) is not allowing the import of horses from counties within states with confirmed and suspected cases of Vesicular Stomatitis (VSV). This restriction includes the All American Quarter Horse Congress, which is scheduled to begin in […]


Riding in College – What’s Best for You?

College is a time of uncertainty and doubt for everyone, and especially for equestrians. While most sports end once you graduate high school, riding and showing horses can be different. There are almost too many options to continue riding in college. As college application season approaches, what factors should you consider? We asked some NCEA […]


Simple or Flying Lead Change: Does It Really Matter Anymore?

Picture this: you’re walking up to the show office to look at your equitation or horsemanship pattern for an upcoming class. You find yours among the other organized stack of papers, and there it is in black and white – “simple or flying.” For some, it’s a no brainer – flying it is. The person […]


GoMag: September Pre-Congress and APHA World Show Issue Online Now

The September issue of GoMag features the industry’s outstanding horses competing all across the country this fall. Headlining the month, for those who show paint horses, is the APHA Open/Amateur World Championship Show held in Ft. Worth, Texas from September 16-29. Not to be missed is the rescheduled AQHA West Level 1 Championships in Las […]