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New Team: Kent Ray Taylor Purchases Multiple World and Congress Champion Never Have I Ever from Dakota Andrie

Kent Ray Taylor of Mesa, Arizona has added even more horsepower to his strong group of show mares with the purchase of multiple AQHA World and Congress Champion Never Have I Ever. “Madonna” was previously owned by Dakota Andrie of Franklinville, New Jersey. The 2017 double registered AQHA/APHA sorrel mare, bred by Rawlings Enterprises LLC […]


VS GoodRide Candids and Results from Level 1 West Championships

The Nutrena West AQHA Level 1 Championships, held April 27 – May 1, 2022 at WestWorld in Scottsdale, Arizona, is one of two pinnacle events for Level 1, Rookie and walk-trot competitors around the world. The West Level 1 Championships offers a variety of events and activities for competitors, friends, family and spectators to take […]


Brothers Darrin and Dustin Build HAALA Denim from the Ground Up

In 2010, when brothers Darrin and Dustin Haala (pronounced hah-lah), co-founders of HAALA Denim, decided to dive into creating their premium jean brand, they never imagined their target market would be the equine community. “My brother and I have always been best friends and talked a few times about creating a business,” Darrin said. “We […]


Developing a Better Equitation Seat – with Carolyn Rice, Julian Harris & Tina Langness

Hunt Seat Equitation tests a competitor’s ability to ride a pattern consisting of maneuvers, such as changing gaits, traveling in a figure-8 pattern, backing, posting on the correct diagonal and counter-cantering.  Emphasis is placed on the ability to sit correctly, hold proper riding posture and control the horse with precision. Perfection in the show pen requires […]


Last-Minute Tips: Trail – with Anthony Montes

Many non-pros joke that they put a lot of work into preparing for their classes, and it all goes out the window the moment they step foot in the show pen. Preparation is one thing, but actually showing is a whole different beast. We spoke with top trainers to get their advice on “last-minute” tips […]