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The Key to Positive Thinking in the Show Arena

Studies have shown that humans use only 10% of their brains. The brain is a potent tool, but can also be used as a weapon in the show pen. Often, exhibitors overthink things, which causes nerves to take control of their ride. This negativity then leads to self-doubt which leads to the death of many […]


Champagne Shows on a Beer Budget

Each year, when selecting your show schedule, a significant factor in planning is budget. Virtually every facet of horse showing comes with a price tag. And showing at a World, National or Congress level show can get really expensive. Although the cost of competing at this level can be overwhelming, showing at a champagne level […]


17 Horse Show Tips from AQHA Judge April Devitt

Whether you’re just getting started showing horses or you’re a longtime horse show veteran, we all want to improve our next horse show. Since AQHA Professional Horsewoman April Devitt became a trainer and then a judge, she has seen exhibitors do well and she has seen exhibitors do poorly. Here she shares 17 horse show […]


Five Ways to Fight Mental Fatigue at Horse Shows

We are heading into championship season; this is the time when the select few separate themselves from the masses to claim their titles as being the best in the world at their chosen event. Most of these championship classes will have a prelim and a final, or a pattern followed by rail work. This requires […]


Five Underrated Jobs in the Equine Industry

Whether you are horse crazy or just mildly obsessed, you value horses, and that tends to impact several aspects of your life, including your career goals. Some obvious horse career paths that come to mind are professions such as veterinarian or horse trainer. Other horse careers may combine various interests and you could start your […]


Tips on Avoiding Online Clothing and Tack Scams

Online Facebook groups have become a convenient way to purchase and advertise goods, but specific scams concerning show clothes have become prevalent and, unfortunately, just as the posts or listings get reported, a new scam is created. Although it can be easy to shop horse show clothes online, one should always be cautious, which is […]


Kimes Kandids and Rundown from 2019 Harbor Classic

The Harbor Classic, held July 1-7, is the most anticipated event each year for the Michigan Quarter Horse Association. As an annual contender on AQHA’s Top 10 horse show list, 2019 didn’t disappoint with classes reaching up to 30 entries. The numbers were fantastic and the fun was never ending. Included in the activity-packed week […]