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We Ask The Industry – What Would Your Registered Name Be?

It’s the beginning of a new decade, new year, 2020. Time goes by fast, and sometimes we forget to stop and enjoy the moment. GoHorseShow often has lighthearted articles to remind everyone to have fun and not to take life or showing horses too seriously. The people you meet and the relationships you develop will […]


Tips and Tricks to Obtain the Perfect Body Position While Riding

Riding horses requires skill, both mentally and physically, and the foundation of a true horseman is the understanding of a proper riding position. The ability to strengthen and maintain that balance allows riders to succeed in any discipline. A rider must correctly use their core, lower leg, and seat to communicate effectively with the horse. […]


Forming the “Winning” Picture in Halter

Halter is a class that many exhibitors underestimate. Many believe it is easy and doesn’t take much preparation. In the past, there was a common belief that “bigger is better.” However, that trend has mostly gone by the wayside. A halter class is an elaborate makeup of many details added together to arrive at the […]


From a Horse Show Mom: Getting Your Child Started in Horses

So, your son or daughter has shown an interest in horses. What do you do next? Just the idea of all that is related to being involved with horses can be overwhelming for most people, who may have little to no prior horse experience.  However, with a little help, getting into horses doesn’t have to […]


Overcoming Self-Doubt in the Show Arena

Horse showing is a mental game. Exhibitors are continually trying to reach new goals and surpass expectations. However, the road to success always hits a bump or two along the way. This is perfectly normal and experienced by athletes in every sport. Unfortunately, this causes many equestrians to muster self-doubt in the show pen. This […]


The Five Dos and Don’ts of Starting a Two Year-Old

Picture this: it’s your first day of kindergarten. You walk into a new school building that has busy halls full of other children and teachers. Some kids are crying and clinging to their mom or dad’s legs. Other kids wave, smile, and walk into the classroom with little fuss. You join your class and begin […]


Going Out on Your Own: Trainers’ Perspectives

Starting a new business is difficult, and breaking into the horse industry as a trainer is no exception. Between managing your new business and understanding show formats, there are a lot of “ins and outs” to learn. GoHorseShow spoke with three trainers who have recently transitioned from the role of assistant trainer to the business […]


Save the Date: Sunday, January 26th – 37th Annual Gallop Service Charity Auction

Do not miss this year’s Gallop Auction on Sunday, January 26, 2020, at Northern Quest Casino Family Pavilion in Airway Heights just west of Spokane. The Auction is offering an incredible lineup of stallions from all over the United States with breeding fees ranging from $500 to $4,100 per service. This year’s list includes Congress […]


Six Tips to Help You Prepare for Your First Horse Show

The trailer is loaded with clean and shiny tack. Your horse is groomed, trimmed and swaddled in blankets and snuggies for the night. Your show clothes are pressed and your boots have a shine on them for the next morning. You go to bed early only to lie awake all night, partially from the excitement […]