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Mock Horse Shows: 10 Essentials

Think about the way you practice with your horse. You probably ride with less intensity and face fewer negative consequences if you make a mistake. That’s why a mock horse show can be the perfect tool to hone your riding. Making the Most of a Mock Horse Show If you ride with other competitors or […]


Strengthen Your Legs, Strengthen Your Ride

A new show year is upon us and now is the time to start the year as strong as possible. Leg strength is crucial to the rider but we often automatically think of the drills we can do while horseback, such as riding without stirrups, two-point, and lunge line lessons. However, what can we do […]


POLL – We Ask The Industry: Should the Level 1 Championships be Combined with the AQHA World Shows Going Forward?

Last month, GoHorseShow published an article about whether people in the industry would prefer the Select World Show combined with the Open/Amateur World. Our poll showed overwhelmingly (82%) that most people prefer they be combined. Although 2020 was a tough year with shows being canceled due to the pandemic and having to combine shows, it […]


Robin DeGraff: Building a Life Breeding Horses and Captaining Yachts

Longtime horse breeder Robin DeGraff of Port Clinton, Ohio, has always been horse crazy. At age16, DeGraff graduated high school and went straight to work at a nearby stable to learn about horses. Over the next several years, Robin worked at a multitude of barns and stables that specialized in breeding and showing many different […]


Assistant Trainer Spotlight: Sarah Keith of Evans Performance Horses

Assistant trainer Sarah Keith of Elizabeth, Colorado, started working for Chad Evans in 2016. Some of her responsibilities include setting the trail for the day, saddling horses, doctoring, organizing the trailers for shows, clipping, giving lessons, and riding. Keith currently shows in the hunter under saddle, trail, western pleasure, and western riding. Keith grew up […]


How Bad Riding Habits Can Ruin Your Overall Look in the Show Pen – with Melissa Dukes and Tim Gillespie

You are ready to go into your next class, your trainer tells you to put weight in your stirrups and roll your shoulders back when you walk into the large arena, your nerves set in. Unconsciously, your toes point down, and your body leans forward. This automatically presents a red flag to the judges. However, […]


From the Pleasure Pen to Ranch Riding: How to Make the Switch with Marty Simper

With AQHA’s recent announcement that starting in 2021, more divisions will be added to its popular ranch riding class. Some exhibitors may be considering giving this popular class a try. But the change from pleasure rider to ranch rider requires more than a wardrobe and tack change. Trainer Marty Simper of Elwood, Utah, offers some […]