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Assistant Trainer Spotlight – Deann Hudson of Trendsetter Performance Horses

Our next Assistant Trainer Spotlight features Deann Hudson of Trendsetter Performance Horses located in Chino Hills, California. Under the supervision of Kellie Hinely, Hudson takes care of the horses and makes sure that everything runs smoothly at the shows. “I rehab any of the injured horses, as well as school the horses for the all-around events. […]


Trail Legend: Some Hot Potential

Some Hot Potential is realizing his potential in the show ring right now. He’s also making dreams come true. In 2013, he was reserve world champion in youth trail with Bailey Mierzejewski. Two years later, Bailey was off to college, and Some Hot Potential needed a new home. Enter Emma Brown of Zanesville, Ohio. “I just […]


Dos and Don’ts – Make the Most of Your Youth World Boot Camp

With the COVID-19 pandemic, youth riders haven’t been able to go to as many shows due to quarantine restrictions and cancellations. With fewer shows available to prepare for the bigger shows, the anticipation for the AQHYA World Show has been building even more than usual this year. Practicing at your trainer’s boot camp before Oklahoma […]


Dealing with Doubt in the Midst of a Pandemic with Charlie Cole and Carla Wennberg

The COVID-19 pandemic has canceled a lot of plans — vacations, school, and, unfortunately, some horse shows. But, as the virus gets somewhat under control, there is a certain sense of normalcy returning with some horse show circuits starting back up again. Deciding what’s best for you and your horse can be tricky, though. AQHA […]


Recap of AQHA’s First Virtual Youth Excellence Seminar

For members of the American Quarter Horse Youth Association, the Youth Excellence Seminar or YES is one of the best times of the year. This annual conference is usually held in Amarillo, Texas, where AQHA’s Headquarters reside. This three-day conference is filled with inspiring speakers, fun activities, and the election of AQHYA’s Youth Board. In […]


MythBusters – Trainers Bust Horse Training Myths

Most of us are familiar with the TV show “MythBusters,” hosted by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, two special effects experts who test the validity of certain myths and urban legends. While these two professionals tackle the myths of the scientific world, GoHorseShow has compiled a group of equine professionals to bust the tall tales […]


What is Digital Citizenship and Why Do Equestrians Need It?   

Do you rock a Tik-Tok? Snapchat? Does your national breed, state, or local club manage a Facebook or Instagram account? Do you use computers and technology to interact with others in a digital space? Do you run an equine-related business wherein you supply staff with phones, computers, or other technology? Chances are you answered yes […]


Bad Attitude – Is it You or Your Horse?

Everybody has ‘off days.’ Even the most accomplished of athletes experience them. These types of days, when nothing seems to be going right, can be exceptionally frustrating for equestrians. As much as we would love to be able to, there is no way for us to ask our horses, “why are you so grouchy today?” […]


Assistant Trainer Spotlight – CJ Fisher of McCulloch Training Stable

Assistant Trainer CJ Fisher of McCulloch Training Stable currently lives in Portland, Oregon. His primary responsibilities include riding, giving lessons, getting horses and the trailer ready for shows, and driving the truck and trailer. Without a doubt, Fisher’s favorite class is the trail. “I love training horses for it, riding and showing it…basically everything about […]