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ICYMI – Five Things Winners Never Do with Stephanie Lynn

Every successful competitive rider spends their time in the saddle with the same goal in mind: to win. They live and breathe horses and horse shows. They study the winners in attempt to follow in the path to the winners circle. But what separates the winners from the rest of the crowd? 


Showing – An Investment In Your Future with Stephanie Lynn

Today, after struggling to get an answer from a customer service department, the thought occurred to me that the person in charge would make a lousy horse trainer. In fact, they would probably not be successful in the show ring at all! People who show horses possess remarkable talents. The characteristics that make for success […]


Goals Versus Principles with Stephanie Lynn

Every day riders are faced with decisions that test their moral fortitude. The temptation to push the limits increases with competition. The more variables surrounding the game the easier it is to manipulate the situation increasing the pressure to abandon your principles – especially if you feel like, “Everyone else is doing it.” Author and […]


7 Steps to Becoming a Mature Rider with Stephanie Lynn

Everyone understands what maturity means. Even a five year old navigating their way through childhood recognizes the consequences of growing up. A person’s level of maturity determines their ability to cope with situations. It is observed through thoughts, behaviors and reactions to situations. For a rider this could mean how you respond to your horse […]


Inside the Judges’ Room: What Judges Really Talk about with Stephanie Lynn

Do you ever wonder what judges talk about when they are not judging? Of course sports banter can be heard and politics or late night television offer fodder for laughs. But eventually conversation circles back to horses and the good, the bad and the ugly trends that make judges say, “hmmm.” While spectators, Internet viewers […]


2015 Congress Judges Lynn and Carter Break Down Congress Showmanship

For our final pattern analysis for the 2015 All-American Quarter Horse Congress, Charlene Carter and Stephanie Lynn break down the Showmanship for GoHorseShow. We chose this pattern because it is shared by the 12-14, 15-18, Amateur and Select Amateur Showmanship classes. Often Novice patterns will include some of the same maneuvers. At this time, judges […]


2015 Congress Judge Stephanie Lynn Breaks Down Congress Equitation Pattern

Next up on our pattern breakdown is Equitation from our very own Stephanie Lynn. She has been writing for GoHorseShow for two years and has coached, judged and trained riders across divisions for over 35 years. This is Stephanie’s third time to judge the Congress. She holds cards with AQHA, APHA and NSBA and has […]