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Stephanie Lynn’s Tips to Strengthening the Relationship with Your Trainer Part 2

In the first part of the highly popular series, Stephanie Lynn discussed several tips of how clients can strengthen the relationship with their trainer. Lynn continues her thoughts in part two and provides more insight and advice on this topic.Regardless of your situation, the relationship you have with your trainer is the most important relationship […]


Seven Tips for Conquering Show Ring Nerves with Stephanie Lynn

Everyone experiences horse show jitters at some point in their riding career. It is only natural to feel some anticipation and excitement before stepping into the show pen. In fact, it is the rush of showing that gets you out of bed at 4 a.m. But if you are going to be truly competitive, you will have to learn to get a handle on your anxiety. Acknowledging your nerves is the first step to overcoming your apprehension. Here are some tips to help you master your butterflies.


AQHA Names Professionals of the Year at Convention

Three industry professionals were recognized by their peers March 8 at the 2015 American Quarter Horse Association Convention in Fort Worth, Texas. The Don Burt Professional’s Choice Professional Horseman of the Year, Professional’s Choice Professional Horsewoman of the Year and Professional’s Choice Most Valuable Professional awards were presented by AQHA Corporate Partner Professional’s Choice during […]


How to Improve Your Score in the Show Ring with Holly Hover

Holly Hover’s opinion has long been sought when it comes to showing horses. The AQHA Professional Horsewoman has been training horses since 1980. In that time, Holly has produced 18 All American Quarter Horse Congress and AQHA world champions and reserve champions in various pattern events. She started judging 25 years ago. Holly had this […]


Lip Chains in Halter: Good or Bad for the Industry?

Once again it is time for the annual AQHA Convention. This year marks the Association’s 75th year and big celebration plans are in the works. With the pre-convention announcement of the new Executive Vice President Craig Huffhines, speculative chatter turns to agenda items. One of this year’s hot topics is the use of the lip […]


Trending Up with Stephanie Lynn

The numbers are in – and contrary to talk on the street, they look good. Could this be the signal we have all been waiting for – a sign that the tides are changing? One thing is for certain, regardless of what pundits may say about the rest of the economy, the horse business is […]


How Cheating Hurts Us All with Stephanie Lynn

Whether talking about deflated footballs, performance enhancing drugs,
being paid to take SAT tests or using drugs in the show ring, cheaters steal
from the industry. It has long-term effects on everyone, but the
industry usually takes the biggest hit. In the end, cheating is bad for
business and ultimately worse for the cheater and those who blame others
for their own losses.


Five Things Winners Always Do with AQHA Judge Stephanie Lynn

Most people go through life and wish they had the money for a fancy outfit, a full time trainer or a better horse. Yet most of the winners, those who repeatedly find success in and out of the show ring, don’t have a wish list at all. Instead they embrace challenge, take responsibility for their results and ownership of their destiny and understand sacrifice.