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2015 Congress Judges Lynn & Chapman Break Down Congress Horsemanship Pattern

The patterns are out for the 2015 Congress and once again, GoHorseShow went straight to the judges for their opinions on how to break down the details of this year’s patterns. This perspective should give you an inside look to what can be expected from each pattern.  Find out what these judges will be looking […]


The History of the NSBA: Where It All Began

Imagine horse show folks rapt in speculative chatter with fellow competitors, moralizing the way people ride and show their horses, concerned with state of the industry, its prospects for growth and the direction it is taking. Imagine cowboys – trainers, riders and owners exchanging ideas along dusty rails, meeting in tack rooms to contemplate the […]


NSBA Announces Stephanie Lynn as Director of Operations

The National Snaffle Bit Association announced today that Stephanie Lynn has joined the association’s staff as director of operations. Lynn will work in the NSBA headquarters in Gurnee, IL. Lynn will work in partnership with NSBA’s executive director Dianne Eppers, as well as with the NSBA board of directors and Executive Committee. She will be […]


How to be a Better Horse Show Parent with Stephanie Lynn

Parents play the most important role in developing young riders. Parents do much more than haul their sons and daughters to lessons, arrange rides to and from the horse show and provide necessities. They are more than cheerleaders or providers, they nourish and shape children in their fold. Regardless of their level of involvement, parents […]


Stephanie Lynn Addresses Coaching the Uncoachable: Can It Be Done?

A recent post has raised the question of how to coach uncoachable riding students. The quote originally posted by University of Alabama softball coach, Patrick Murphy stated, “Uncoachable kids become unemployable adults. Let your kid get used to somebody being tough on them! That’s life, get over it.” It is a strong statement, one that […]


Judges Discuss How to Improve Showmanship Scores with Stephanie Lynn

No class seems to have a wider variety of opinions than showmanship, yet some continually stay on top of the judges’ cards regardless of the year or the horse they have to show. GoHorseShow asked some of the top professionals what they think separates the winners from the runners-up.  Charlene Carter, Tom Robertson, Mark Sheridan, […]


Judges Discuss Top Ten Fashion Mistakes with Stephanie Lynn

Judges, by definition, are an opinionated group. Their job is to evaluate exhibitors, separate runs and place each class. And judges will use every bit of criteria available to determine the winners. While no judge evaluates an exhibitor solely on their outfit, there is no doubt that what an exhibitor wears makes a difference in […]


Judges Discuss How to Improve Equitation Scores with Stephanie Lynn

Want to know what drives judges crazy in hunt seat equitation and how to improve your scores in the show pen? The industry’s top judges I spoke with, Kelly Boles Chapman, Christa Baldwin, Lainie DeBoer, Carla Wennberg and Jerry Erickson, all have pet peeves or hot buttons when it comes to this class. However, they also offer […]