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Darcy and Jonathan’s Favorite Congress Stalls

World and Congress Champion Amateur Darcy Reeve and Congress winner, Jonathan Nowacki searched in all the barns at the Congress for the best stall fronts and narrowed down their front runners to come up with their Top 10 list. Nowacki also offered a quick critique of why they liked certain stalls and provided pictures of their favorites. There are similar themes, colors, and designs in their top picks. They all have striking and dramatic colors, spotlights, simple sleek lines, black and white contrasts, and dramatic and complex construction. Let us know which ones are your favorite.

Darcy and Jonathan’s Top 10 List

1. Angela Gay/Sea Ridge Farm

2. Michael Colvin

3. Highpoint Performance Horses

4. Rusty Green

5. Powder Brook Farm/Gretchen Mathes/Kaplow Insurance

6. Rita Crundwell/Meri J Ranch

7. Leckey Quarter Horses

8. Masterson Farms

9. Randy Jacobs

10. Beckey Schooler/ Beckey’s Place.

1) Angela Gay, Sea Ridge Farms of Wellington, Florida–Our stall critic Jonathan Nowacki said that he thinks these are the best stalls at the Congress because they are very artsy and original…unlike anything else. There is a whole wall of Angela and her horses done in the color gold. “It is very dramatic and a total of 13 stalls all about Angela!” said Nowacki. The stalls also match her new gold Congress outfit.

2) Michael Colvin Performance Horses of Lithonia, Georgia–Jonathan said he loved the look because of it looks like a penthouse apartment in New York.  He loves that it is all white with framed pictures of his clients. It was very simple and elegant with white furniture.

3) Highpoint Performance Horses, Charlie Cole and Jason Martin of Pilot Point, Texas–Nowacki likes the traditional stone and log fronts combined with excellent lighting and landscaping. The glass front trophy case where they keep the trophies they have won so far is sharp as well as the pictures of Harley and Lucy.

4) Rusty Green Quarter Horses, Rusty and Katie Green, Pilot Point, Texas–Jonathan loves the overall simple black with his logo. It looks like a little black house and very classy with a blacked out door.

5) Powder Brook Farms- Gretchen Mathes of Harwinton, Connecticut and Kaplow Insurance–Jonathan says that liked the elegant white mums, the stone wall and white wood columns. Also, he liked the right side of the stall front that had a jungle of flowers with lights shining on them and the picture of the horse on the left side grazing.
6) Rita Crundwell of Meri-J Ranch of Beloit, Wisconsin–Jonathan compliments these  stalls calling them “Over the top crazy”.  They feature a log home with lots of neon and has the the look of western sheik. Rita has the entire row of stalls and has decorated both the front and back in this same outback western style.

7) Jennifer and Mitch Leckey of Leckey Quarter Horses, Richmond, Indiana–Nowacki said he liked their name in lights on the stall front and curtains—also the flat screen television featuring the stallion, No Doubt Im Lazy owned by Frank Berris. It was very simple and classy.
8) Masterson Farms owned by Ken and Marilyn Masterson of Sommerville, Tennessee—Jonathan said that he liked the brown curtains and doors with the sleek triangle shaped roof with the cut out for the light. It was like they built a whole mini Masterson Farms in the Gilligan.

9) Jacobs Show Horses of Dover, Ohio
. While Jonathan said that this wasn’t necessarily the most creative stall front–it was definitely loud and got your attention. Of all the stalls, these were the ones that jumped out the most.

10) The last on the Top 10 List is Beckey Schooler’s stalls known as Beckey’s Place of Ohio. Jonathan said he loved the simple black and white and burgandy color and clean look of her stalls.