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Legendary Show Mare Zips Bossy Chip Passes – Eulogy by Ellexxah Maxwell

What is there to say about Zips Bossy Chip? Her long list of achievements precedes her and requires her no introduction to most. However that’s not what made her Annie.

Most of you know the story of the underdog horse from the University of Findlay who goes on to do things no one thought possible. Annie had a habit of that – always having the need to prove people wrong. From day one, we were two peas in a pod and will forever be that, whether one is close by or not.

Annie was an inspiration to many, including me. She was fiery, determined, thoughtful, brave, and, most of all, quirky. Anyone who ever met Annie can describe her personality. She was a horse who picked who she liked and if you weren’t chosen, I advise you stay away.

She was, and will continue to be, everything to me. Not because of what she won for me, but because of the person I became around her. She made me who I am today and will forever be the reason I believe in doing the impossible.

Her body is no longer here. What I wouldn’t give for one more talk, one more neck scratch, one more peppermint nicker, one more ear pin, one more everything. However, she’s still here in every breath, every step…every decision I will make for the rest of my life will be with her right beside me.

She proved to the world that she had earned her crown and the title we all had taken to calling her. You’ll always be Annie to me, and we will forever be that 3 year-old mare and that 11 year-old girl who took on the world.

I’ll see you again, my friend. You are forever a legend and I am eternally grateful you chose me to be your person. Wear your crown high, Annie and all hail the queen. All my love to the reason my whole world changed.

Zips Bossy Chip
  • 6,500 AQHA points
  • 6x Markel All Around Youth
  • 7x Congress champion
  • 2x NSBA World Champion
  • 3x AQHYA Reserve World Champion
  • 2x AQHYA Bronze Champion
  • 20+ AQHA High Point Year End Titles

Our condolences to everyone involved in Annie’s legendary life. May she rest in peace!

Please view the slide show below of some of the monumental moments that made up her incredible life.

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