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Trail Legend: Range To A Te

In 2006, Range To A Te was one of the yearlings offered for sale at the Reichert Yearling Stakes Sale. Isabel Scobie of Warwick, New York, was excited when her barn mates purchased “Troy,” a 2006 gelding by Openrange-Ment A Te by Investment Zippo who was bred by J.R. Reichert of Marengo, Iowa.

“I loved him at first sight!” Isabel remembers. “He was this cute little roan horse with a big white face.”

In 2009, Isabel, a longtime all-around rider, had a new goal: show in the Reichert Celebration 3-year-old western pleasure futurity.

“You go to the Reichert for all those years and then you see all these pleasure horses,” she says. “I thought, ‘Wow, that would be awesome to be in there with them.’”

Fortunately, Isabel didn’t have to look farther than her barn for a prospect. With his new owner aboard, Troy returned to his Reichert roots, this time in the pleasure pen.

Although Isabel and Troy didn’t make the it to the finals, their first ride was the start of a decade-long horse showing saga.

By October the same year, Troy had been shown in trail a few times, and Isabel sent him to the All American Quarter Horse Congress with trainer Lisa Farrell of Durham, Connecticut.

“I just sent him there for experience, to do the junior trail, and he won,” Isabel says. “It was crazy.”

To those around him, Troy was a trail prodigy learning new challenging obstacles as a youngster. His ability and style continue to improve, Isabel says.

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