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Product Review: SmartPak’s New SmartTherapy Line

Horses are athletes; they run barrels, jump fences, show on a circuit, and everything in between. It is crucial to keep them comfortable when we, as equestrians, ask so much from them. As an avid rider, I have had trouble finding daily use products that are affordable, high quality, and eye appealing.

The SmartTherapy line from SmartPak has been the answer to my prayers. The material of their new line is ceramic infused which allows for increased circulation and decreased recovery time.

My twenty-year-old show horse had to have colic surgery this past January, so it has been my mission to find products that provide maximum comfort. This line does just that. The products are extremely well crafted, effective, and do not break the bank. What more can a hard-working equestrian ask for?


The SmartTherapy Mesh Sheet is my favorite product in the line. It is very stylish and is strategically designed. The ceramic-infused material targets specific muscle groups such as the chest, shoulders, hindquarters, and back. This strategic placement soothes the key muscle groups of the horse’s body.

Horse shows last from the break of dawn to late evening, which means your horse is working hard all day long. After an extensive day of showing, it is crucial to give your horse the tools they need to recover. I found that even after a long ride, the sheet helps my horse recover more quickly.

I love the material because it is light and allows for ventilation. This feature makes it great to use year-round, even on a hot summer day. I have had a difficult time in the past finding a mesh sheet with quality clips and straps, but this sheet hits the mark. My horse is a master of ripping sheets off, and he met his match with the durability of the SmartTherapy Mesh Sheet.

Lastly, you do not have to compromise style for quality. Other mesh sheets look plain or dreary, but the black mesh with grey piping leaves your horse very stylish and protected.

Western Pad

Horses have sensitive backs that need to be protected just as much as their legs. The SmartTherapy Western Saddle Pad uses the same ceramic-infused technology to provide the horse with maximum support and comfort. The material increases circulation and decreases recovery time.

My senior show horse has a sensitive back, so finding a pad that gives an ample amount of support has always been a priority for me. The anatomical shape and exterior mesh layer provide ventilation for the horse. Sweaty saddle pads that do not allow for ventilation become used and quite frankly, disgusting, in under a handful of rides. This pad allows for air to move much more freely.

I love that it can be used on its own or as a liner for under another work or show pad. The cut of the material fit under my work saddle perfectly. When I tried it as a liner under another work pad, it did not slide or bunch up. The material is lightweight and easy to throw on your horse’s back.

I would also like to add how stylish the design is. The black with beautiful grey piping is very eye-catching. Some work pads I have used in the past look very old and out of date. The SmartTherapy pad has a sleek, elegant design without compromising quality.


My favorite thing about the SmartTherapy No-Bow Wraps is the material. Equestrians ask a lot from their horses. Whether you are showing on a circuit or running barrels, your equine teammate has fragile legs. These ceramic-infused wraps were perfect for after a long ride, my horses seemed to recover much quicker than normal.

The ThermoBalance fabric reflects the horse’s body heat into the leg, which stimulates blood flow. By doing this, it helps decrease inflammation. My show horse is now over twenty years old and I am always looking for products that can help him stay in good condition. These wraps have been the answer to what I have been searching for.

Another key element I noticed was how easy they are to use. Some wraps are too stiff or hard on the horse’s leg. The SmartTheraphy wraps are extremely soft and easy to use. The material seemed to conform to my horse’s leg which provides maximum support. I have had trouble in the past with the wrap sliding down as I wrap, but these stayed right in place.

Check out my video above to learn more and CHICK HERE to see more great products in SmartPak’s exciting new SmartTherapy line and purchase yours today.

About the Author: Cat Guenther is a devout equestrian and a student at Michigan State University. She has been riding horses for years and has loved every minute of it. Cat started and runs her own successful show clothing business, Behind the Bit Show Clothing. She loves to show the all-around classes with her beloved horse, Zippos Kat Man Do, aka Teddy. Her favorite classes are horsemanship, showmanship, and trail. She is currently on a Pre-Veterinary track and also hopes to study business.