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Assistant Trainer Spotlight: Cody Conover of Aaron Moses Show Horses

Originally from Anthon, Iowa, Cody Conover currently lives in Pilot Point, TX, and works for Aaron Moses Show Horses. Moses specializes in western pleasure futurity horses, where Conover’s responsibilities include starting and riding young horses, saddling and unsaddling, packing for the shows, and getting the horses show ready. Conover grew up on a small horse […]


We Ask Trainers: What’s the One Piece of Equipment You Swear by?

Every trainer has one piece of training equipment that they swear by when training horses. Many can’t leave home without it, and when they need it, it’s always in their line of sight. GoHorseShow asked top trainers’ about their must-haves and the backstory on why it’s essential to their training program. Julian Harris – A […]


Experts Weigh in on Finding Confidence in the Show Pen

To the timid rider, developing the confidence needed to excel in the show pen consistently, may seem like an unattainable goal. But as AQHA World Champion Whitney Vicars advises, “…being a confident rider is not something that happens overnight, it is a process.” GoHorseShow spoke to several top amateurs and professionals for their tips and […]


Belly For Rent: What to Know about Broodmare Leasing Options

Scenario #1:  You’ve scrolled through your social media feeds and have admired many adorable newborn foals, each one making you swoon anew. You’ve got a raging case of equine baby fever; the only problem is you don’t own a mare. Scenario #2:  You’ve got a regular blue hen in your barn, but between the stud […]


Best Crosses: Leading Horse Breeders Weigh In

How could you ever narrow it down to one perfect stallion for your mare? Finding the best cross for your mare and your program is part research, part science, and, sometimes, part luck. The Journal sat down with AQHA Past President and American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame inductee Frank Merrill of Purcell, Oklahoma, and 40-year American […]


Chiropractic Care For The Equine Athlete and Common Problem Areas

Chiropractic care is beneficial for horses of all ages and athletic levels. Whether you are competing at the novice or the professional level, equine athletes are expected to perform in the show ring. Quite a bit of training goes into preparing a performance horse, and with the increased workload comes the extra wear and tear […]


Overcoming the Fear of Failure in the Show Pen

We have all been there. As we walk into the show pen, our fear grips us, and we lose all ability to think. We are so afraid of failing that we freeze, and inevitably, we end up making the mistakes we swore we would never make. In a way, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy; we […]


POLL – We Ask The Industry: Would You Like to See the Select World Combined with the Open World Going Forward?

In 2012, GoHorseShow wrote an article asking Select Amateurs where they felt would be the ideal venue for the AQHA Select World Championship Show. After we interviewed several exhibitors and posted an online poll, it was clear that the vast majority (95%) of our readers favored moving the show away from Amarillo, Texas. AQHA listened, […]