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2019 AQHYA World Show Winning Runs – Day 8

Exhibitors at the 2019 Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show shined their boots and dusted off their hats for the first day of competition at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City. More than 3,600 entries from the United States, Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, Denmark and Poland are competing for 42 world championship titles at this year’s […]


Why the Concept of Equestrian Perfection Doesn’t Exist

The paradox of perfection is one that scientists, philosophers, and even mundane citizens greatly ponder. What does it mean to be perfect? To some, it means the golden trophy or blue ribbon. To others, it means executing a pattern flawlessly. The concept of perfection kills more dreams than failure ever could. This ideology drives some […]


Five Things to Help Reduce Stress at Major Shows

It doesn’t matter if you’re attending your very first major horse show as a competitor or if it is your one-millionth time to attend a large-scale horse show; stress comes with the territory. With prestigious shows like the AQHYA World Show and NSBA World coming up, it is crucial to set up a game plan […]


Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation (ESMR) – Continuing A Tradition of Excellence 

Alan Donnell and Dave Frisbie founded Equine Sports Medicine with the goal of “providing the highest quality care to equine athletes,” says Dr. Sherry Johnson. Keeping that tradition going is still the purpose of this growing business. Nephew of Alan Donnell and co-owner of Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation (ESMR), Dr. Josh Donnell, says, “We’re […]


Tips on Spotting Heat Stress in Horses

After being ridden once a day for a couple hours at an event where it’s hot and humid, hose the horse off and put him in a stall with a fan. Hot and humid weather can cause horses to become overheated. Heat stress and hot-weather dangers are nothing to take lightly. When a horse overheats, […]


Nine Lessons to Take Away from Your Youth Career

The world of horse showing is unique in a multitude of beautiful ways; you are exposed to all different types of people, you get to travel, and you often practice at 3 am while most of your non-horse show friends are sound asleep. With such a unique sport, comes lessons unlike any other. You learn […]


Simply Stunning: The Simplicity Trend in Show Clothing

Who doesn’t love bling? The sparkle, intricate designs, and thousands of crystals that illuminate show clothing from every angle. Shine never goes out of style. However, a new hot-topic fashion has emerged in the rings at major shows – the “simple” trend. This fashion movement incorporates new fabrics, fewer crystals, and innovative styles. Some exhibitors […]


Leah Anderson and Her Twenty Dollar Dream Horse Ready to Take on the World

“Things do happen for a reason,” says Lori Anderson when asked about her daughter Leah Anderson’s success with her gelding, Gun Powder N Smoke. Leah and “Scotty” are currently in their second year of showing together. The duo recently began their showing career in March of 2018, but quickly proved hard work, determination, and teamwork […]


We Ask The Industry: What Song Would You Pick for Your Victory Lap?

It’s Championship season where exhibitors are dreaming of winning the coveted golden globe or bronze trophy. Victory laps are one of the most memorable parts of winning. It’s your time to celebrate all the hard work and dedication that you put into achieving that prestigious title. The energy, excitement, and song are what makes that […]


ICYMI: Perfecting the Inspection – Showmanship Crossovers with Brad Kearns

Originally published 2017 For those of you who grew up in 4-H showing livestock and showmanship, the inspection is probably the most essential part of the class. With horses, watching winning exhibitors present their horse for inspection is like viewing a well-choreographed dance routine. When practiced and perfected, the motions are fluid and enjoyable to […]