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Knowing When To Quit Part 3: When to Move on from a Client – with Charlie Cole

We previously addressed when it’s appropriate to change your plans with your horse and when to move on from your horse. However, this sport is a complex one that not only requires a successful relationship between the rider and animal, but also requires a positive relationship between the owner and trainer. While relationships with animals […]


Remembering Bruce Walquist – A Photo Tribute

Obituary from the National Snaffle Bit Association: The National Snaffle Bit Association joins the equine industry in mourning the loss of Bruce Walquist, 68, of Cleburne, Texas, following a horse-related accident. Bruce had shown many NSBA and Palomino Horse Breeders of America world champions as well as futurity champions. A professional horse trainer for more […]


True Colors: Choosing a Show Outfit to Highlight Your Best Self in the Ring – with Wendy Brown

We hear it all the time: how to choose show colors to match your horse – jewel tones for dark horses, earth tones for light horses, etc. However, the best “lewk” in the ring tends to be one whose colors and style are selected to show off the exhibitor as the primary consideration. Indeed, the […]


The Barbour Family Finds Their Unicorn in Scooter Brown

Everyone hopes for that once in a lifetime horse – the horse that has the talent, the try, and the mind to make dreams come true.The Barbour family may have found just that for their daughter Sienna in champion Scooter Brown. The Beginning of a Horse Addiction Sienna first became interested in horses as a […]


How to Set Healthy Boundaries with Your Trainer – with Lynne Puthoff

When show season rolls around, it’s not uncommon for trainers and clients to spend more time together than either party spends with their family. That amount of close contact can weigh on a relationship. To keep the wheels from falling off the horse show machine with all of its moving parts, it’s imperative that customers […]


Go-To Source for Nutrena East AQHA Level 1 Championships

GoHorseShow is your “go-to” place to find everything you need that’s Nutrena East AQHA Level 1 Championships-related – the homepage, schedule, patterns, live feeds, results, candids and more. Check out the links below to find out where to go. Go-To Links for Nutrena East AQHA Level 1 Championships CLICK HERE for Home Page CLICK HERE for […]