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5 Things to Know When You’re Friends With an Equestrian

We, as equestrians, are the first to admit that the horse industry is a crazy world to be wrapped up in. On the outside looking in, we know our friends and family think the sacrifices we make to show our horses are almost over the edge. Equestrians are the first to tell people that showing […]


MQHA Among First to Announce Restart of Show Season Beginning June 6

The Mississippi Quarter Horse Association has announced they are restarting their show season with their Summer Shows on June 6th and 7th in Jackson, Mississippi. Brooks Derryberry, President of MQHA, states, “We are looking forward to starting up our show season again with this great show lineup, and you can find that information at […]


Horse Show Exhibitors on The Front Lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many new opportunities and challenges for people around the world. Some people have lost loved ones, others have lost their jobs, and everyone has temporarily lost horse showing. However, some people are still working, those on the front lines. Throughout this article, you’ll get the perspective of four healthcare professionals […]


3 Key Elements of a Successful Show Outfit

Horse show fashion is how an exhibitor expresses their personality without having to say a word. The individual can highlight their uniqueness, creativity, and style through their outfit choice. A successful outfit must be classy and professional. A businessperson would not wear their pajamas to an important meeting; they put on their best suit. The […]


Meredith Landy Acquires Multiple World and Congress Champion All Good from Kent Ray Taylor

GoHorseShow would like to congratulate Meredith Landy of Temecula, California, on the purchase of Multiple World and Congress Champion All Good (Jameson) from amateur competitor Kent Ray Taylor. “I have been shopping for a horse to replace Certified Stride (Sly) for years and never found one that I liked as well as I like Sly,” […]


Barn Scavenger Hunt: Fun for All Ages

What better way to enjoy time in the barn than with a barn scavenger hunt! Download the scavenger hunt PDF, print and grab the whole family for a fun activity in the barn. Want to up the ante? Here are a few ways to make your scavenger hunt more competitive: Break your family into teams and take […]