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Paradise Pines Equestrian Center: Robosson Family Emphasizes Mare Care and Customer Service

Those who find lasting success in the pleasure horse world find their passion and build that passion into a business that fulfills a unique niche in the industry. We spoke with Nicole Robosson about her evolving involvement in the pleasure horse industry and her goals in the coming years. How It Began: “I started taking […]


Top 10 GoHorseShow Stories of the Year for 2022: #1

The holiday season, for most people, means being with friends and family, giving thanks, gift-giving, worshiping, cheering, and celebrating. For GoHorseShow readers, it also means reflecting back on the top 10 stories of the year. It has been an annual tradition at GoHorseShow since we launched over 14 years ago. This is the time of […]


GoMag: December Holiday Issue Online Now

CLICK HERE to view the December Issue of GoMag About the Cover Promising young sire Gone Viral is featured on the cover of this month’s Holiday Issue of GoMag. This beautiful stallion is owned and loved by Kari Ellingson of Haystring Farm, located in Social Circle, Georgia. Gone Viral, affectionately known as “Monkey,” is a […]


We Ask the Industry: What do You Want from Santa this Year?

The holiday season is officially upon us. Thanksgiving has passed, and everyone is gearing up for the next big holiday. Christmas time is filled with gifts, being surrounded by loved ones, and parties with friends and family. Our fellow barn members spend many hours, days, and weeks with their horses every year, and most are […]


Major Red Flags During Foaling Season – When to Call the Vet

Every year, hundreds of mares deliver healthy foals without incident. A new foal arriving is an exciting time and a miracle to watch, but it can also be a high-level energy environment needing split-second decision-making. Knowing when to call the veterinarian is an integral part of being prepared for foaling and enables the caretaker to […]


Horse Showing Arena Geography – Tips on Mapping Out Your Patterns

You wouldn’t set off on a journey without mapping out a course. Don’t set off in a horse-showing pattern course without planning just as carefully. Think of each new arena as a new territory to be mastered, and you’ll find yourself navigating patterns with ease – or at least with a plan. Pattern in Your […]


From the Ground Up: Five Tips for Establishing Good Ground Manners with – Julie Vogue & Amber Duckett

It is a common misconception that horsemanship involves working with a horse from its back. However, the reality is that good horsemanship begins from the ground up.  Indeed, a horse with poor ground manners can be impossible to work with. Being able to halter, groom, trim, saddle, and lead a horse safely are fundamental skills […]


We Ask Trainers: Tips to Fix Bad Western Pleasure Habits

Western pleasure is one of the more controversial classes in the industry. Many critics talk about how it forces trainers to make horses move more mechanically and unnatural. But, just like in elite sports like basketball and football, only a select few can compete at the highest level. Not everyone can be Michael Jordan or […]