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Building Great Horsemanship at an Early Age — with McBeath, Puthoff & Shetler

Early childhood educators and coaches are relatively consistent across the board in believing that participation in sports as a child is critical for developing motor and social skills that carry them successfully into adulthood. Additionally, the younger a child begins an activity, the more time they will inevitably have to practice and improve throughout their […]


The Rewards & Challenges of Competing as a DIY Exhibitor

There is no rule requiring an exhibitor to work with a trainer to show horses. Still, because of the tremendous level of competition and serious advantages to having a professional on your team, many non-pros have a trainer. And yet, for reasons from financial limitations to personal preferences, there are non-pros who keep their horses […]


When to Lay it All on the Line in a Pattern Class – with Bruce Walquist, Adam Winter, and Melissa Jones

The Congress is fast approaching and, as with other major shows, competitors are making their final preparations in hopes of setting themselves and their horses up for success when it matters most. A significant part of preparing for top-level shows involves more than the training, but it includes strategizing how to approach various classes. Having […]


We Ask the Industry: How do You Handle the Chaos of the Congress?

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is a popular Christmas song written in the 1960s celebrating the holidays. This song may be associated with Christmas, but when it comes to the horse industry, Christmas comes early in the form of the All American Quarter Horse Congress. The familiar tune ushers in ideas of […]


4 Rituals to Help Prepare for Pattern Classes

If you’re going to be competing at a show in a pattern class, you know that you’ll need some serious preparation. Patterns are generally posted well in advance, but laying down a winning run is not as simple as practicing the same pattern over and over before you show. We’ve gathered advice from five AQHA […]


Assistant Trainer Spotlight: Matt Culley of Christensen Show Horses

Currently, assistant trainer Matt Culley lives in Pilot Point, Texas, and works at Christensen Show Horses. His primary daily responsibilities include riding horses, getting the young horses out, prepping horses for clients to come ride and take lessons, and getting all the tack, horses, tails, and everything ready for shows.“I show and train for the […]


Ways to Relieve Stress Before the Big Shows

Dealing with nervousness and stress can make you feel shaky and nauseous before you step into a class or attend a big show. Stress can even cause a lack of focus and concentration. Nervousness is normal, but the key to success is to control your stress before walking into the show pen. It would help […]


2021 Quarter Horse Congress Patterns Posted

The 2021 All American Quarter Horse Congress is almost here! Are you excited? Ready to start practicing? Patterns for Showmanship, Horsemanship, Hunt Seat Equitation, Ranch Riding, Ranch Trail, Reining, Trail, and Western Riding are now available. CLICK HERE to view the patterns. The All American Quarter Horse Congress is the world’s largest single-breed horse show, […]