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We Ask The Industry – What Are Some Little Things Your Horse Does that Makes You Appreciate them More?

The little things — some people often say not to ‘sweat the little things’ but when it comes to something you admire about your horse, little things are special. It helps create a connection and special bond with your horse. It’s something you may share only with your equine friend, and it makes you love them even more.

We asked the industry this question: What are little things that your horse does that makes you appreciate them more? GoHorseShow had an overwhelming response to this question and top exhibitors jumped to share some special attributes of their horse(s). Learn more about the “little things” that some of the most decorated equestrians shared about their beloved horses.

Kaleena Weakly – On a serious note, my horse Tag is soooo patient in all the slow pieces of trail patterns. Being an older horse, this speaks volumes because he knows what he’s going to do next and has never gone without me. On a funny note, his ears are always up in all the arena shots the show photographers take, he’s quite photogenic. And I appreciate that immensely.


Vanessa Froman – When I became a mom, I developed the philosophy that if a horse takes care of my kids, then their life is golden. Well, now I’ve added “super select” to that list for my mom. My man Russell (Its All Good Man) has started packing around Jayna Rose Pogue after our lessons. It fills me with such happiness when we have one that does that. He can test me all he wants, but taking care of the kiddos and super selects makes me love him even more and ignore his weird quirks.

Juliana Arora – I am always loving up on my two girls in their stall or the aisle, Olive and Bailee, to the extent I’ve had several people catch me and tease me about it. I love going in the stall and sitting on them while they are laying down or just petting them. I have been caught numerous times taking selfies with them and telling people, “you see nothing”. It’s the little things for me that they do. Bailee lets me hold my arms around her head and cuddle. It’s so sweet. Olive nickers at me for a treat from time-to-time when I walk by. Since we bought Bailee, I think Olive has gotten more protective of me as well. I love that both my girls have a lot of personality.

Laina Banks – One of the very special things about Strawberri is her level of intelligence. I have been around many horses, but she is perhaps the smartest one I have ever known. She shows her high IQ in everything she does, but sometimes little things just stand out. Every morning, without fail, when I arrive at the barn and she hears my spurs, she knows it’s me. No other horse notices my arrival, but she always runs to the stall door and starts nickering and is so excited to see me. It’s not for cookies or grain, it’s like she is saying, “come on…get this blanket and slinky off of me and let’s go.” When we are preparing for the class, it’s business as usual, but when we enter the gate, she always seems to know the importance and the goal. Every time, she puts her game face on to the needed level. She puts her ears up and seriously seems to look each judge in the eye just to say she is super happy to be there. I know that she knows exactly the goal of the day. I love how no matter the pressure, Strawberri is always happy and having fun and licks her lips happily all the way around the pen. It makes her such a remarkable show partner, and every ride is a joy for both of us, regardless of the outcome.

Kathy Tobin – My roan Trail pony, Suddenly A Good Bar has saved me a bunch of times when I couldn’t see my spot in a class. He is like hang on, I got this for you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate his help! He can get a tad irritated, and at 19, he still needs two longings before we show in a class, but then he saves me, and all is totally forgiven.

Grant Mastin
– I’ve been very blessed with many great horses throughout my life, but none quite like Hand Made Machine. One thing that makes him so special is that you can always count on him when you need him the most. He is a horse that loves his job and lives for the big moments. Every time he steps into the arena, he wants you to trust in him and know that he is going to give it his all.


Johnna Letchworth – Whiskey is incredibly kind. He is pretty sensitive to smells, and he is always sniffing my hair when we are walking out to ride. It’s a cute thing that he does, always makes me giggle. Gator is very aware of my tack box. When he hears it close, he will nicker to me as he’s pretty sure treats come from that box.



Emma Brown – I think that we all create such a special bond with our horses and cherish every cute little thing they do. I would say some of the things that make me appreciate Brett more is the way he takes care of me. No matter how big the show is or how high my nerves might be, I always know that I can trust him to do his job and make me feel confident. The confidence and security he gives me have undoubtedly made me the rider and competitor that I am today, and I will always be grateful for that.


Sarah Lebsock – John is always happy. When you walk in the barn, his ears are up, and he almost always nickers. He has that same attitude when he’s under saddle too. Looking at pictures of him showing, he’s always looking through the bridle and just happy to be doing his job. He’s very go-with-the-flow and willing to try whatever you ask of him. It’s pretty special.




Samantha Foust – My horse Hazel loves my son Maverick. She is so gentle with him. My son loves to give her kisses, and she will put her head really low so he can kiss her nose. I appreciate her for being so safe and kind to him.





Emma Gore – I am very grateful for my horse. Every time we go in the show pen, he gives me 110 percent. I can always depend on him to do his job, which makes it easier for me to accomplish my goals. He loves showing. He always has a good attitude and wants to perform his best.




Lauren Stanley – There are many things my horses do that make me appreciate them. When I’m trying something new with them, whether it’s a maneuver or showing them something silly like cows, their patience and forgiveness are so appreciated. They don’t hold grudges when I get something wrong, and they are willing to try again so I can get it right. I also find indescribable joy from my gelding running up to me whenever he sees me, no matter where he’s at. It puts a smile on my face to give him a pet on his cute little nose.

Scott Reinartz – Little kisses. Hank will hold my finger in his lips. He has not yet bitten me. Potter will sniff my face and give little breath puffs. Both will stand in their stalls while I forget to shut the door. Truly, they just behave all around, which really makes me appreciate them.



June Liston – My horse, My Vital Valentine, “Fluffy” has such heart; you can see it in his soft eye. If I’m stressed at a horse show, I can go to him in his stall, and he is my rock. He’s a cuddler. Another thing he will do, is when I first got together with him and I was coming off of a very different type of horse, he showed me his way, his spots in the trail, where he would place himself best. He’s taught me a lot.

Emma DeJong – One thing that my horse does is whinny at me every time I walk into the barn. It’s good to know he’s so excited to see me every day. Another thing is he’s always in a good mood, which makes me happy.




What little things does your horse do that make you appreciate them more? Let us know in our social media comments.