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About the Cover

Featured on the October Congress Issue of GoMag is the mother-son duo of Vanessa and Collin Froman. This Illinois family has had a great year and is looking forward to the Congress. Vanessa shows in Amateur Showmanship and Horsemanship with her new horse, Its All Good Man (Russell). Collin is showing in the 12-14 Showmanship and Horsemanship, L1 14-18 Horsemanship, and NYATT Showmanship with My Dream Remembered (Hank). Their trainer Jenell Pogue is showing in the Senior Trail with Hank and L1 Hunter Under Saddle with Dirrty Diana. Vanessa will also show in the L1 Amateur Hunter Under Saddle with Dirrty Diana.

“We have been working with Jenell for over a decade. She has to be everything to us…family, friend, trainer, aunt, therapist, parent, etc.,” Vanessa shared. “We have become best friends through these years. Jenell and her husband Ryan have done things for our family that can never truly be repaid. They are amazing humans and role models for my boys.”

When we asked Vanessa what it was like showing with Collin, she laughed. “He has no mercy for me. I messed up a pattern once, and he brings it up at least once a week, even at home. He keeps me humble for sure.”

Vanessa’s favorite win is her recent NSBA Reserve World Championship in Color Amateur Showmanship with Hank. “The best part was when I realized I was in the Top 3. First, I looked at the exit gate to see Jenell jumping up and down, cheering; then, when I was walking out with my Reserve trophy, I looked in the stands and saw the Rippeon and Buckley ladies screaming for me. I love the people I have met because of horse showing and Collin showing against these amazing kiddos with amazing parents.”

Collin heads into the Congress after winning the Triple Crown last year in Showmanship with wins at the AQHYA World Show, NSBA World, and Congress. Collin’s goal for Congress this year is to remain a top competitor in Showmanship. 

As for Vanessa’s goals for Congress, “All my life, I’ve had to get young ones and start over. We would either sell them, or tragedy would strike. So, I’m not getting any younger and want to keep showing into my seventies like my mom. But, starting over with Russell has been one of the most successful transitions. It was wonderful at The Premier show in Kentucky when Collin won his 14-18 Showmanship circuit award, and I won my Level 2 Amateur Showmanship circuit award. That’s the first time we were both able to win the circuits at the same show in Showmanship.”

This will be Russell and Vanessa’s first time showing at Congress. “I have to trust my buttons and show as we practice. I want to go out there with Dirrty Diana and have fun. She has had injuries and setbacks, but she’s riding right now like she used to,” Vanessa shared. “We spend a lot of time away from home and a lot of money doing this for us not to enjoy it, so that’s my main, real-life goal.”

CLICK HERE to view the October issue of GoMag

Cover Design: Jakovich Marketing – Cover Photo: Katie Lynae Photography

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