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Exclusive One-On-One Interview with Allocate Your Assets

With a show career spanning five years that included four Congress Championships, Allocate Your Assets won an AQHA Reserve World Championship in Senior Hunter Under Saddle and numerous circuit championships at all the major show circuits around the country. He also achieved his superiors in both Amateur and Open Hunter Under Saddle.

Affectionately known as Al, he was born in 2000 and has sired multiple AQHA World and Reserve World Champions, Congress Champions, NSBA World Champions, and futurity winners at every major event around the globe. Al is the sire of $1.4 Million in offspring earnings and over 20,000 AQHA Points. Noteworthy, Allocate Your Assets has sired an incredibly high percentage of foals that not only make it to the show ring but are also incredibly successful. Each of his foals averages over $5,300 in earnings and 85 AQHA points.

Owned by Kathy and G.W. Tobin, longtime customers of Jim and Deanna Searles, Allocate Your Assets stands at the Searles’ Circle S Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona. Widely known as AQHA’s leading hunter under saddle breeding stallion, we were honored to sit down with the legendary sire in this exclusive one-on-one interview as he discussed his legacy, shared some of his favorite things, and talked about life, both in and out of the breeding barn.

GHS: Hi, Al. Thanks for talking with us. Let’s start with some easy stuff. First of all, how old are you these days?
Al: I’m 22 years young.

GHS: Tell us about how and when you came to live at Circle S Ranch in Arizona?
Al: I came to Arizona my two-year-old year after my mom bought me from Brian Isbell because Jim and Deanna Searles said I was so handsome. I came to Jim and Deanna’s Circle S Ranch after I won the 2-year-old Hunter Under Saddle classes at the Congress that year.

GHS: Describe a typical day in the life of Al.
Al: I work out on the gym treadmill one day, get longed another day, and get turned out the others.

GHS: How do you handle the hot Arizona summers?
Al: I have two fans and misters and if it’s really hot out, I take a cool bath.

GHS: Besides oats and hay, what’s your favorite food?
Al: I get lunch with Nutrena Senior, SmartPak, and 100x Equine. I love it all!

GHS: When you are not breeding mares, what’s your favorite pastime?
Al: I love getting turned out to scratch myself on my big tree (pictured left).

GHS: How does it feel to be the leading sire of English horses?
Al: I’m proud of my kids! They are the reason I am the leading sire. I congratulate them all and thank them for their accomplishments and for making me so proud with their beautiful ways!

GHS: Who is your favorite dam?
Al: I don’t like to play favorites, that could get me in trouble.

GHS: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Al: When they leave me out and it’s lunchtime.

GHS: Biggest turn-on?
Al: The dark-haired girls.

GHS: Do you have any funny quirks?
Al: I can get out of my halter when I’m tied up in my stall. I’m really good at it. Another one is I’m now only allowed on the walker by myself because if my friends are on with me, I love trotting so fast that they have to gallop to keep up. Apparently, I’m the only one who thinks that’s fun, though.

GHS: Who’s your favorite person?
Al: Chincho because he feeds me.

GHS: There are a lot of golf courses in Arizona. What is your golf handicap?
Al: I’m a scratch golfer.

GHS: What’s your favorite sports team?
Al: My team is the Auburn University equestrian team. War Eagle!

GHS: Beverage of choice?
Al: A smoked old-fashioned followed by a great Cabernet Sauvignon.

GHS: What’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled?
Al: Columbus, Ohio for the Congress.

GHS: What are you most proud of?
Al: I’m so proud of my kids and grandkids. Family is the best!

GHS: Tell us something we might not know about you.
Al: I love to have my mane pulled and I get my ears clipped without a twitch.

GHS: Do you have a favorite memory?
Al: The night of my first kid’s Congess Masters win.

GHS: How about a most embarrassing moment?
Al: Deanna was brushing my sides one time and, let’s just say, I finished my dream on the ground (blushes).

GHS: What are your goals for the future?
Al: To watch my kids and grandkids continue to succeed.

GHS: Do you have an heir apparent?
Al: I have a weanling son I have very high hopes for but I’m not retiring yet.

GHS: Finally, do you have any advice for up-and-coming young stallions?
Al: Keep it cool, but always be a gentleman.

GHS: Thanks, Al! We congratulate you on all of your success and best of luck in the future.