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Exclusive One-On-One Interview with RL Best Of Sudden

RL Best Of Sudden was recently named the AQHA & NSBA All-Time Leading Sire in western all-around money and points earned. However, while “Bo” is undoubtedly a legend when it comes to show pen statistics, like every iconic athlete, there is more to the individual than simply what we see in the win columns.

We wanted to check in with the now 20-year-old stallion to see what he’s been up to the last few years and get to know more about the horse behind the legend. For the most part, Bo prefers to stay home, out of the spotlight these days and let his children shine on the arena stage. But, to say Bo has lead an incredible life, both in and out of the breeding barn, would be an understatement.

Join us as we sit down with leading sire RL Best Of Sudden at Masterson Farms in Somerville, Tennessee in this exclusive one-on-one interview to learn more about this stately stallion.

GHS: Hi, Bo! Thanks for talking with us. Can you tell us how you came about living with Ken and Marilyn Masterson?
Bo: I came here from Georgia after Ken and Marilyn bought me from Mr. and Mrs. Douglas. Bret and Candy Parrish brought me to my new home. I was very excited to see all these good-looking mares in one place.

GHS: What’s a day in the life of Bo like?
Bo: It depends on whether I’m on vacation or not. On those days when I do work, I always start early. Whether working or not, I soon go to my paddock, weather permitting, and relax. Later, Manny gets me, and I get my shower and grooming. After that, it’s time to eat again and chill.

GHS: What’s your favorite food?
Bo: It has to be Triple Crown feed, not only because they put my picture on their sacks. I hope you’ve seen it because it’s good and that’s what I’ve had ever since I got here.

GHS: Besides breeding mares, what is your favorite pastime?
Bo: I have an extraordinary place in my paddock under a tree at the corner where I spend most of my time. I can see lots of my girlfriends and babies from there and keep a good eye on the breeding barn and everyone there.

GHS: How does it feel to be the AQHA & NSBA All-Time Leading Sire of all-around western horses?
Bo: I feel very special, and I am proud of all my foals and their accomplishments and appreciate all those who have supported me through the years.

GHS: Who is your favorite dam?
Bo: There are just too many to name!!

GHS: What characteristics do you prefer in a girlfriend?
Bo: They must be pretty and well groomed with good manners. I’m a little partial to blondes.

GHS: What traits do you think you have passed on to your offspring?
Bo: I think they got my looks, movement, and disposition.

GHS: What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Bo: The attention Sheik (Zippos Sheik) got and Clyde (The Lopin Machine) now gets. Sheik never understood I was number one, and Clyde doesn’t get it either.

GHS: What funny quirks do you have?
Bo: I like to carry my lead and always have something in my mouth.

GHS: What are you most proud of?
Bo: The enjoyment and success people have had with my offspring and being the All-Time Leading Sire.

GHS: Do you have any goals for the future?
Bo: I have a great life and want to continue doing just that, with people who love me.

GHS: Thanks, Bo! We congratulate you on all of your unprecedented success.