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UC Davis Receives NCEA Team Sportsmanship Award

WACO, Texas – The UC Davis equestrian team was chosen as the 2022 NCEA Team Sportsmanship award winner. The annual award is a coveted honor that reflects on the outstanding nature of collegiate equestrian athletes and the respective programs.

The 2022 award was presented to the Aggies for how well they ran their meets and were accommodating and welcoming to any visiting team. They also tried their best to help when they could and maintain good sportsmanship at away meets.

“A lot of that goes back to our student-athletes and parent booster club,” head coach Jessie Weisinger said. “Our student-athletes are extremely friendly and our parent group goes above and beyond to make the away team feel at home when they are at our place.”

“We always love on and thank the horses even if the ride didn’t go our way and make sure to thank the host school. This is one thing I am big on. As coaches, we try to lead by example because I feel like the student-athletes mimic how you handle and react to things.”

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