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Pyranha, Inc. & Adeptus Partner with the American Horse Council (AHC)

Houston, TX – (May 5, 2021) Pyranha, Inc. and Adeptus® Nutrition are pleased to become a generous sponsor of the American Horse Council National and AHC’s 2021 Annual National Issues Forum Conference. This support is critical to the equine industry in Washington, DC, and beyond.

The American Horse Council (AHC) works daily to advocate for the equine industry’s economic, legislative, and social interests in the United States. The AHC has a strong belief that the more opportunities available for horses in a variety of activities, the more likely the industry is to thrive, as well as all those who participate.

The AHC represents all parts of the equine industry and is the only national association achieving this in Washington, DC, and across the United States. With a deep commitment to fulfilling the needs of their members, AHC’s mission is to be advocates for the United States equine industry.

Pyranha, Inc. has been innovating and providing pest control solutions for 50 years in the livestock and residential industry. Pyranha, Inc offers ready-to-use and concentrated insecticide products as well as their misting systems. They also provide a line of odor-management products ideal for livestock areas, homes, kennels, and more. As a top manufacturer of fly sprays, barn misting systems, and insect control solutions, Pyranha, Inc. continues in its commitment to provide their customers with the most advanced and finest quality technologies to control their insect problems effectively.

Pyranha’s sister company, Adeptus® Nutrition, offers a complete line of supplements for horses and pets. All Adeptus® Nutrition products are manufactured and formulated using current research and science combined with practical knowledge of what horses and pets need, with the wellbeing of the animals in mind. The Adeptus® mission is to provide quality products at reasonable prices with results.

“We are thrilled that Pyranha and Adeptus® Nutrition will be supporters of the American Horse Council and AHC’s 2021 Annual National Issues Forum Conference. We understand the importance of what they do”, said Managing Partner David Cunningham. “American Horse Council’s commitment is exclusive in the equine industry, and we are proud to be a part of an organization that thrives on the mission of advocating for the welfare of the equine industry.  American Horse Council’s position ‘Put the Horse First’ is not just a statement, but a mission that also resonates with our goals”. 

With the commitment of Pyranha and Adeptus® to provide products to ensure all equines and owners’ and riders’ well-being and safety, this is an ideal partnership with an organization like AHC. They have similar goals and missions for the equine industry.

We invite our media partners to feature this exciting news and its impact on the equine industry. For interviews or more information, please contact Marcie Voglino at