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Assistant Trainer Spotlight – Deann Hudson of Trendsetter Performance Horses

Our next Assistant Trainer Spotlight features Deann Hudson of Trendsetter Performance Horses located in Chino Hills, California. Under the supervision of Kellie Hinely, Hudson takes care of the horses and makes sure that everything runs smoothly at the shows.

“I rehab any of the injured horses, as well as school the horses for the all-around events. My favorite is the hunter under saddle and western riding,” Hudson, who is originally from Anaheim, CA, told us.I had always loved horses. My parents got me riding lessons for Christmas when I was 12, and it stuck.”

Hudson shared with us some more information about her background and future goals.

Q: Hi, Deann. Can you tell us what you like about horses and showing?
A: I love how you can get that special bond with a horse, and they try their hearts out for you. I love working with them every day and knowing that we’ve done our homework so that they’ll show well for both their owners and me.

Q: What is one of your favorite accomplishments in the show arena?
A: Kellie and I were on our way to Sun Circuit, and she told me that I was showing the horse One Hot Sultry Night, in the hunter under saddle. I thought she was crazy to have me show a pleasure horse in the hunter under saddle. It turns out she wasn’t crazy. I loved showing her, and we ended up reserve circuit champions. We went on to be 2nd in the nation for two years in a row. We were also 3rd at the NSBA World Show. One of my other favorite accomplishments was when I took a horse that I helped raise from five days old to the NSBA World Show as a 3-year-old. We ended up top ten in two classes and reserve with her owner.

Q: What are some of the more well-known horses you have worked with?
A: One Hot Sultry Night, Potential Dooplicity, Slighty Overdressed, Triplicate Pleasure, Good Cowboy Casanova, and Daizy Duke.

Q: Who are some of your mentors?
A: Rob Huffman was a big start for me and taught me to break colts and got me into Quarter Horses. I met Kellie there, and she’s been a tremendous mentor for me ever since.

Q: Any advice for young trainers?
A: Always work hard. Don’t jump from trainer to trainer so fast. You can learn a lot in one place and grow a lot in the show world with that trainer.

Q: What is one of your favorite horse show memories? 
A: Watching Kellie win the Congress in the 3-Year-Old Trail with a horse that we trained together.

Q: What do you like about working with Kellie?
A: Kellie and I have worked together for 21 years now. I like that we can bounce ideas off of each other about horses. She’s not only my boss, but a great friend. She’s always there when I need advice on a horse and in life.

Q: What is something someone may not know about you?
A: I make beautiful bows for gifts. Also, people who don’t know me tend to think that I’m not friendly. Once people get to know me, they tell me that they are surprised by my compassion.

Q: What would you change about the industry?
A: I think our industry is headed in the right direction. With AQHA adding L1 classes to the world show, we are taking more horses to the shows, and owners are excited to go.

Q: What are some of your future goals?
A: My goals have remained the same for many years.  I want to take the best care of the horses that I possibly can and have horses be successful at the shows with their owners.