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Popular Training Videos Now Available for Rent and Download at New Low Prices

GoHorseShow is proud to offer a wide selection of the best training videos via streaming downloads and for rent. The videos feature the winningest trainers in the horse industry, including Charlie Cole and Jason Martin of Highpoint Performance Horses, Ted Turner of Ted Turner Equine and Mark Sheridan of Mark Sheridan Quarter Horses.

With COVID-19 dramatically affecting the industry, we are now offering these videos in a less expensive and more convenient format. It’s a great way to learn some training advice and techniques while you are still waiting to get back in the show ring, whether it be performance or halter events.

With over 100 World Champion titles to their credit, Charlie and Jason will take you through a step-by-step process of teaching your horse the fine art of lead changes and showing your western rider in two easy to understand and information-packed demonstration videos.

You can buy both videos together as downloads or rent the videos for 72 hours for one low price. You also have the option of purchasing or renting each video separately. Their first video, Teach Your Horse to Change Leads is great for starting green horses, while their follow-up, Prepare & Show Your Horse in the Western Riding discusses ways to put on the finishing touches before showing in the class.

Next up is legendary halter trainer, Ted Turner. You may also purchase or rent his video bundle,  Expect Success and The Art of Consistency together for one low price or purchase them separately. Ted will take you through a step-by-step process of fitting, grooming, showing, and fine-tuning everything you need to know about halter horses.

Turner’s years of experience puts you in the best position for premier grooming results within your program, including the ever-popular performance halter class. His videos also address his ability to consistently produce champions year-after-year. Find out the best-kept secrets of the winningest trainer of all-time.

Finally, we are offering Mark Sheridan’s 3 part video series, The Ultimate Lead Change Series. AQHA Professional Horseman and judge Mark Sheridan walks you through every conceivable aspect of helping you with the art of changing leads. You may purchase the downloads or videos here. However, these videos are not available to rent.

Whether you compete in performance, halter, or simply just want to become a better horseman, these videos are must-have training tools for any serious equestrian.

CLICK HERE to rent or buy yours now.