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17 Horse Show Tips from AQHA Judge April Devitt

Whether you’re just getting started showing horses or you’re a longtime horse show veteran, we all want to improve our next horse show.

Since AQHA Professional Horsewoman April Devitt became a trainer and then a judge, she has seen exhibitors do well and she has seen exhibitors do poorly. Here she shares 17 horse show tips from a judge’s perspective.

  1. Believe the judge is rooting for you. As judges, we’re here to encourage and make it the most enjoyable day you can have. We want to encourage you.
  2. Each class is a new class. You can’t change what happened in a previous class but you can improve on it. If a bad ride happens, let it go and move on.
  3. Practice like you play. Practice at home is the single most important way to prepare for a horse show.

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