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We Ask The Industry: Where is Your Favorite Place to Shop While at a Horse Show?

When traveling to multiple states for horse shows, it’s fun to pick up little souvenirs to remember your trip. Whether it’s making a quick run to get something you forgot, or maybe even finding your new show outfit, shopping while at horse shows is almost a given.

Having vendors at larger shows allows exhibitors access to items they may not usually have in their area.  Plus, being able to shop around at stores in the area can let you do some sightseeing along the way, such as the Las Vegas Strip.

In the past, GoHorseShow has featured people’s favorite places to eat while away traveling for bigger circuits and favorite dishes. This time, we have asked people where they most enjoy shopping while spending time at these larger circuits, either on the show grounds or area stores nearby. For many, the shops and the vendors at large shows are equally something to look forward to when planning.

So, with show season in full swing and the more significant shows among us soon, here are some exhibitors’ favorite places to shop while at a show.

Scott Reinartz – My favorite place to shop while at a horse show would be the Congress trade show.  That is because it’s convenient and horsey. My favorite place to shop outside of horsey stuff is during the Silver Dollar Circuit, going to the outlet mall and the Forum Shops at Caesars.  The Outlet because it has all the great brands. The Forum Shops to see new fashion with all the major designers. Great places to eat as well.


Lauren Stanley – Boutique vendors, are my favorite place to shop when at a horse show. They always have cute tops or accessories that I wouldn’t typically find locally. When I make a purchase at a show it’s more than just buying a new shirt or a new necklace; it’s taking home a memory that I can wear and think of all the wonderful times I had with my horse and my horse show family. If I had to name a favorite boutique, it would be Cares and Whoas in Rancho Murieta. They have great clothes and the best pictures and Knickknacks for your house. Plus they have some horse cookies which I’m always sure to grab for the boys.

Cathy Corrigan Frank – I would have to say Mary’s Tack and Feed in Del Mar, California. I stop in there whenever there is a show either at the show park or at the race track. They have all sorts of fun stuff in there. The building looks like an old substantial red barn, and there is so much stuff in there.




Lana Markway – I usually don’t have much time to shop off grounds. I can’t even remember the last time I went shopping at a show for anything non-horse related. I would have to say for me NSBA World is my favorite. I have only been to the Quarter Congress once, and it by far topped it all. But since Tulsa is so close and it’s fun, I can do it in a day if I’m not showing which is very convenient.


Tali Terlizzi – My favorite place to shop is Rod’s at the Congress, they have super cute clothes that are good for riding and everyday life. I also love the boutiques that come to some of the shows like the Sun Circuit, they always have great stuff. But if it’s horse related, I love stopping into Debbie’s booth, Winning Couture, and seeing what new creations she has for hunt coats and shirts. It’s always exciting to buy a new hunt coat.


Farley McLendon –  I don’t get a chance to go shopping because I’m working. I make my usual trip to Walmart for snacks and beer. I do try to go to the vendor booths and check them out to be supportive.




Melissa Jones – That’s an easy one. I look forward to shopping at K.O. Trading at the world show, I would like to shop at the Congress, but we never seem to have time.






Riley Dosa – My favorite place that I’ve been shopping was Rod’s at the 2017 Quarter Horse Congress. Rod’s has been my favorite place to shop because of their lengthy assortment of bits – you could say I’m a bit addicted – and the fact that they supply something for each discipline, so every rider feels included. Rod’s is an excellent place for everyone, and their customer service is the best.


Lisa Mazurka -My favorite place is the International Mall in Tampa while doing the Gold and Gulf Coast. I have a tradition (motivated by one of my Powder Brook Farm barn mates), where I go to Neiman Marcus every year and buy myself a new pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for Christmas for myself.



Taylor Kungle
– On the show grounds, I love going to see Tammy at D Designs and all the lovely staff at Farmvet. We’re at Farmvet like 24/7 because I always forget stuff when we show. Off the grounds, I still love going to find a Starbucks.




Daren Wright – My favorite thing to shop for is good food. I rate my judging experiences by the nearby restaurants. (laughs)







Where is your favorite place to shop at a horse show? Let us know.

About the Author: Samantha Fox is a devoted equestrian, a freshman at CSU Stanislaus, and is majoring in business. She has been riding and competing for almost ten years and can’t imagine her life without her horses. Samantha’s favorite classes are showmanship, western pleasure, and trail. She is excited to tackle the western events in 2019 with Tys Good N Red aka Boris.