Standing out in the line-up is crucial to your success in any halter class. Photo © The American Quarter Horse Association

Horse-Showing Help: Halter Horse Line-Up

Your horse is fit and shiny. You walked him into the show pen and tracked him past the judge. Now, you’re headed to the line-up. Will you be ready? Will your horse look his best?

AQHA Professional Horsewoman Kathy Smallwood, of Pilot Point, Texas, says to stand up your halter horse based on his conformation as an individual.

Honestly appraising your halter horse based on his conformation as an individual will help you do a better job of positioning him so that he looks his best to the judge.

Down and Dirty

“When you track your horse past the judge, hard ground isn’t ideal,” Kathy says. “But it is best for setting a horse up.” The problem is, it’s not that common. Often, arena dirt has been worked up right before the halter classes start and, more than likely will be soft and deep.

“Once you get to the place where you’re going to stop, turn toward your horse and watch the right hind foot, which you’ll set first,” Kathy suggests. “The idea is to have that foot land straight. But, if it doesn’t, keep forward motion for one more step and help the horse land straight by using the lead shank.”

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