View the Kimes Kandids from the Prairie Classic in Oklahoma City.

Kimes Kandids from 2018 Prairie Classic

The Prairie Classic just finished up in Oklahoma City this past weekend. The show was chilly at times, but it posted good numbers and fierce competition. “The show was a great time, it gave everyone a lot of opportunities to get in the ring and improve from class to class,” says Mackenzie Matthews, who made her debut on a new horse, A Potential Asset.

Youth exhibitor, Natalia DeVencenty of Vineland, Colorado was circuit champion at the show in trail and horsemanship with her mount, Chex Is The Choice. Natalia adds, “The class sizes have been very good, especially in the horsemanship and the trail. There were 29 in Youth Horsemanship, and the Junior Trail had numbers in the 30s. Also, in Klay McDowall’s Amateur Horsemanship debut, he won under all three cards.”

Click Here to view the candids sponsored by Kimes Ranch and kindly taken by Mackenzie Matthews and others.