What do you think about the APHA Fall World Show moving to September? Let us know and vote in our poll. Photo © Kirstie Marie Photography

Follow Up: Do you Like that the APHA World Show Has Been Moved to September?

This year is the first time that the APHA Fall World Show has been moved to September. GoHorseShow asked exhibitors, breeders, and trainers whether they like these new dates. According to APHA, this decision was made based on “feedback from APHA exhibitors and thorough market analysis.”

We had a wide variety of opinions from people agreeing with the move because it no longer conflicts with the AQHA World Show, to not liking it because it gives the younger horses less time to prepare for a major championship show.

Read the responses below and vote in our poll. We want to know your thoughts and opinions.

Amanda Wallinger-Rowan – I show a lot of weanlings and younger horses in halter and September is a big month for the futurities, so it makes it a challenge for the younger halter horses to be able to attend every futurity and the APHA World Show because we all know, a baby needs their rest. I preferred it in November just because it spread the shows out a little more and gave the babies, trainers, and amateurs a chance to regroup. However, the APHA does a fantastic job at putting on the world show, and I support whatever they feel is the best decision for the association.



Taylor Dixon – I think that moving the world show to September is very hard for young amateurs such as myself because I am just now settling into college. Most of the first exams for all classes are during the last week of September and the beginning of October, so I’m missing crucial class time. I’ve had to reschedule many exams. As a collegiate equestrian, meets begin during this time also, so I was unable to show in the English events at the world show due to conflicts with college meets.



Austin Gooding – I liked it better in November. It gave the young horses more time to mature and having it in September also hurts some states that have their futurities during this time. For us personally, it cost us going to the Michigan Quarter Horse Breeders Futurity which is one of the best-going futurities in the country.





Vanessa Froman – My internal jury is still out. I like how it no longer conflicts with the Quarter World Show. However, it’s two fewer months to get the babies ready, and it is now hurting some long-standing successful regional shows. Personally, it’s a busy time of year at home with my boys and their activities, so it is not an ideal time for me to get away for two weeks.





Erin Bradshaw – It’s alright.  It’s harder on the young ones, though. I feel like they have bigger fish to fry than world show dates. Good change, but not sure I see the point in it. Lots of other things they need to be addressing.




Cathy Corrigan Frank – I like the fact that they moved it away from the AQHA World Show. Instead of embracing the double registered horses, APHA tried, in vain, to keep the quarter horses away by forcing owners to choose, and it bit them in the backside. Numbers should be growing for the double registered entries now that there isn’t a conflict.



Elizabeth “Spike” Brewer
– Yes, I think moving to September is a great change for the fall world show. The main reason is that it now is a stand-alone show with no competition from the other main breed events happening simultaneously and creating multiple conflicts for many trainers, owners, and horses. That change alone has already reflected in a substantial increase to our show indicated by the entries, number of horses and the overall number of exhibitors. Another positive, I think we will see down the road is our regional clubs who offer fall shows post world show will see increases in their show participation and increases for their show numbers. This will be a result of folks who are chasing year-end awards; some who were not quite ready for the world show but still itching to get out and show. And the main reason I think is the overall energy the world show excitement brings to our industry, whether you attended in person or watch online. It will incentivize folks to get out and show before the end of the year because there will still be three months left as opposed to one month when it was in November. The only drawback I see is pushing to have our young prospects ready two months earlier. But, I do think it is still overall a great move, and the positives far outweigh the few negatives.

Mike Hachtel – I liked November. I know that September is a hectic time for people with businesses – farming is at its peak of the year. Weather is a bit more reliable though. I guess we hope that we can attract the entries with no other conflicting shows. We shall see in a few years if it works.




Garth Gooding – I think there are pros and cons to moving it. For me, I like the timing better for sure. It fits in better with the big shows we attend, however, September has traditionally been when most regional clubs had some of their most major shows, so it remains to be seen how they’ll adapt.




Meredith Landy – I love that it’s earlier in the year. Last year at Congress, I felt ready for the world show and then had to wait four months. Unfortunately, this year, my horse is ill and didn’t get well in time, so the earlier date worked against me. Nevertheless, I still greatly prefer a September world show to a November one. You aren’t running up against the holidays, and the weather is warmer.



Nicole Dalton – No, I much preferred it in November. It is hard to have two fewer months to get young ones ready to show at the World Show. The hotter weather is also not fun. Weather in TX in November is much better.





Thomas and Mimsi Coon – Yes, we both think it’s good. It helps folks who show Paints, Apps and Quarters.





Maggie Griffin – I like that it’s allowed more regional clubs to add a fall show to their calendar now.







Julian Harris – I love it because I don’t have show conflicts any longer, but I’m not sure that’s a good enough reason.






Ceralena Gray – I do. I think the weather is better. Not as cold as in November. I also believe moving it off of the AQHA World, and the Color Congress will allow more exhibitors and trainers to attend.






What do you think about the APHA Fall World Show moving to September? Let us know and vote in our poll.

Do you like that the APHA Fall World Show has been moved to September?

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