In our fun series,"10 Things You Probably Don't Know about Me", we are featuring Mimsi Coon of Pilot Point, Texas. Photo © GoHorseShow

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Mimsi Coon

In our fun series,“10 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Me”, we are featuring Mimsi Coon of Pilot Point, Texas. This select amateur will be showing four horses in the halter division at this year’s Select World Show in Amarillo, Texas.

Coon will be looking for her second gold trophy with Entrigue, a three-year-old bay mare by Mr Elusive. Last year, this pair was Select World Champions in the Two-Year-Old Mares.

The other three horses Mimsi will be showing include: Get Me Some Of That, a three-year-old sorrel gelding by Hes So That; Heza Golden Agent, a weanling palomino colt by Heza Secret Agent, and Inexces, a yearling sorrel filly by My Intention.

Mimsi and her husband, Thomas, are both under the guidance of Ted Turner. “Working with Ted has been a great relationship,” Mimsi states. “Ted is a perfectionist and highly detailed in every aspect of caring for and preparing our horses. This makes my job as an exhibitor ‘easier’ because our horses look and feel like they’re winners. Each time I practice, I get the coaching I want and need to do my best in the pen.”

GoHorseShow has found out some more fun things about Mimsi. Read them below.

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Mimsi Coon

1) I’ve traveled the entire United States, plus across Canada, into Mexico and visited Venezuela all before I was sixteen. Also, while living in Aruba, we’d refuel in Havana when flying to/from the States. Even then you could not leave the terminal. What fun to revisit many of these places in the past few years.

2) Places I’ve called ‘home’ include Florida (birth place ), Arizona (10 years), South Dakota (3-4 summers), Wisconsin (3 summers) and Aruba (5 years). Texas has been home since 1989 when a promotion at my job included the move there.

3) Favorite outdoor activities are fishing, fly fishing and hunting, mainly in Arizona, Alabama, Florida and South Dakota. My dad even taught me how to tie a few flies.

4) My love of horses started at age three when my father put me on that first pony at the Florida State Fair. My dad and my grandmother also rode.

5) I worked as a camp counselor all one summer and used my summer’s pay to buy my first horse, a grade quarter-bred gelding I named Happy Golightly. I boarded two other horses to pay for Happy, all at age 17. A couple of girlfriends and I rode the desert areas and swam our horses across the deep irrigation canals, all the while bareback, in Scottsdale. Oh, how brave and unafraid we were.

6) I’m half Russian from my father’s side. He and his family came to America during the Bolshevik Revolution. He was blessed to study architecture under the late Frank Lloyd Wright when I was a small child.

7) Painting (oils & watercolor) plus charcoal sketching are among my pastimes. Art Education was my college major, with a minor in accounting.

8) Running barrel horses I raised at rodeos, AQHA shows, and NBHA events was my main activity for about 30 years, while working full time. After back surgery, I changed to halter events. “Horses in the veins” is incurable.

9) Another of my unknown ‘hidden talents’ include designing and sewing clothes for my daughter and myself during my pregnancy, while she was an infant until she was in fourth grade.

10) And my final revelation, I love knitting and other needle crafts. I have some pieces I created that friends said are “museum quality,” How sweet is that, to design something that someone thinks is that special.

Thanks Mimsi!