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What’s Hot in English Attire with Boo Yah Custom Clothing

As riders trot into a hunter under saddle class, it is easy to get lost in the crowd.  The arena is packed with similarly colored horses and people in tan breeches, unlike the western pen, where exhibitors stand out with colorful attire.  Thus, riders are continuously developing trends that make them different from the others.

New trends are evident in tall boots, rat catchers, and hunt coats and can be narrowed down to tiny details.  However, while some extravagant styles have entered the simplicity of the English pen, many traditional styles have still stuck around, such as the classic blue hunt coat with a white rat catcher.

Megan Brown, part owner of Boo Yah Custom Clothing, explained some of the English fashion trends in 2017.  Most of these styles have been previously seen in the arena, but many are becoming more common this year.  Here are some of the recommended fashions to step up your appearance in the English events for the current season.

Hunt Coats

In addition to the buttons, many colors of hunt coats are seen. “Each year seems to have a trend,” says Megan, “but black is always classic.”  She continues on to explain that other colors can be worn, given that the color compliments your horse.  For example, blue coats are sharp on sorrels, gray coats are flashy on blacks or grays, and brown coats are eye-catching on a bay.

Furthermore, Megan noted that some bright blues made their way into the pen last year, which was fun and interesting to see continuing into this year.

Another trend that comes and goes is piping on the collars of coats.  It has certainly made its way back into style this year. Megan advises that you should be conservative in the color and the amount of piping on your coat because colored piping would limit your shirt choices.  Thus, it is safer to choose a white piping rather than blue, unless you have a rat catcher to match the blue.  In addition to the piping, Boo Yah now offers velvet collars, which can add a “regal look to your coat.”

Rat Catchers

Just like hunt coats, it is best to start simple with rat catchers.  A white one with a basic collar is recommended before you become more extravagant with designs, patterns, and colors.  Megan points out that a blue or black hunt coat with a white shirt is the “tuxedo” of the English pen and will always look professional at both small and big shows. Once you are ready to jazz up your attire, you can pick from all sorts of shirt colors that would best compliment you, your horse, and your hunt coat.

In addition, you can select a more elaborate design on your collar.  The most common collar designs consist of either a V-shape, a diamond, or two solid lines on the edges, but they can also be as detailed as elegant and intricate lines. Boo Yah even plans to bring back monogramming on the collars, although they will still provide their simple styles, such as the diamond.  Your collar choice simply depends on what best fits your personal style and character.

Small details

In the past few years, riders have been seen with different details in their outfits, with the most common being gold buttons on hunt coats to match a gold shirt.  This look, just like many others, is more fitting for some people than others due to their confidence and personality. Megan explains that if you are the type of person who loves to have perfectly matching accessories, then gold buttons with a gold shirt is meant for you.  However, if you are much more simplistic, then a standard coat and shirt would be more fitting.  In all, it comes down to what give you the most confidence in the arena. (photo © Winning Couture)

Tall boots

Although Boo Yah does not make tall boots, Megan thinks it is interesting to see the different trends. She noted that boots are becoming fancier, which is not a trend adapted from the hunter ring, and include details such as square toes or piping. However, as sharp as some of these styles are, it is critical that you do not let the boot interfere with your effectiveness with your legs. Click here to view some English boots available from SmartPak.


For the 2017 show season, take your time deciding your English outfits. Pick a color that matches both you and your horse. Choose patterns that fit your personality and confidence.

Most importantly, wear attire that allows you to still ride effectively. It is easy to get lost in the fun colors, interesting patterns, and elegant designs, so it is crucial that you always remind yourself that a simple white shirt and blue coat is equally as acceptable as a patterned shirt and black coat.

Save the crazy colors for the western events and stick to the traditional styles of the English pen as you ride your way through 2017.

About the Author: GoHorseShow intern, Emily Ambrose of Chardon, Ohio is in the 12th grade at Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin, commonly known as NDCL. She trains under the guidance of Seth and Amber Clark from Pierpont, Ohio. Emily avidly shows her horse, Play For A Minute, known as Ralphie, who is an 11-year-old quarter horse appendix. Her love of showing has been strengthened with the support of all of her friends in the Quarter Horse community and will continue her passion through and follow the completion of her college career.
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