Lauren Crivelli Stanley's Final Report from the show.

Final Report: Lauren Crivelli Stanley Reports from the 2017 Sun Circuit

The sun has set on the final day of the Arizona Sun Circuit and it may have been the best day yet. The sun was shining with a fresh breeze blowing across the arena providing a cooling relief from the heat. The classes remained significant and strong for the final day with exhibitors holding on to their hopes of winning a Circuit or All Around Championship.

Overall, this was one of the best shows I’ve attended and it seems as though my fellow exhibitors are in agreement. Each day, fun prizes were given away and activities were held to keep competitors on a light-hearted note. Over $200,000 in prizes and awards were presented this week to riders who worked for it. It was a positive representation of the industry as horses and riders all looked strong, happy, and competent. Moving the show to March was a great decision for everyone involved. It was great to be able to see such large classes, which allowed a large number of exhibitors to earn points and finish qualifying for the World Championship Show.

Thank you to the stallions who provided lunch to us for various days and to the Arizona Quarter Horse Association for the fun prizes. Thank you to the judges for working diligently to provide good placings and thank you to the exhibitors for laying down great runs. Thank you to our trainers for sharing their time and knowledge with us and thank you to our families for supporting us for what we do.

Most importantly, thank you to our four-legged partners who are there for us through thick and thin and who gave their all. Congratulations to everyone and safe travels home.

Report #7 Friday, March 10, 2017

Today was yet another fantastic day in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sun Circuit 2017 has been one for the books – great prizes, large classes, unbeatable weather and plenty of complimentary lunches.

Moving the show to March initially raised a few questions in people’s minds on whether it was a right decision, but after experiencing a full week of perfection, there isn’t doubt in our minds that this was a great move. Both the horses and riders seem to be enjoying the March weather and the young horses have benefited from the extra few months to prepare.

Pictured is our young horse, Extremely Good Stuff and my husband, Micah. Today was Micah’s first big horse experience, and I couldn’t have asked for a better show to introduce him.

This show gathers riders from across the nation and is one of the best shows to reconnect with friends. We were able to sit and chat with several people throughout the day while enjoying a luncheon hosted by 7 Bar Ranch. Micah did great and looked like an old pro by the end of the day as he cleaned out stalls in his stylish GoHorseShow hat. We hope to see him at lots more events in the future.

Tonight was the Smart Boons Down The Fence Challenge as well as the Rodeo. By offering $20,000 in prize money, it attracted the best of the best. Top cow horse exhibitors showcased their talents in front of a packed house.

Corey Cushings was the MC for the night, providing insight on the teams competing as well as his usual comic relief. After, spectators were invited to stay and watch the rodeo broadcasted live. All in all, it was a great evening.

We are looking forward to a great final day of showing tomorrow. There are bound to be some great runs as exhibitors make their final push for circuit champion.

Good luck and congratulations to all!

Report #6 Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thursday was yet another fun filled day with large class sizes across all divisions. The biggest class of the day was the Senior Trail with over 100 entries. It’s amazing how trail draws such a crowd and holds exhibitors and spectators captivated. The trail is exciting to watch because each day is anyone’s game. It has become so advanced as horses become more athletic and trainers attain more finesse. Having a clean run isn’t enough to win the prize anymore, you must be able to show complete control of each obstacle and show it with style and grace. The horses seem to love showing in it as well, with ears perked and alert eyes as they go over each pole. Watching a great trail horse is a real treat.

Western riding and ranch riding took place today as well, a combination that doesn’t typically attract the same horse, especially not the same horse as the winner. The Immortal, a stallion owned and shown by Leslie Lange (pictured left), is one of those unique few who has mastered both classes. Leslie showed The Immortal successfully in both classes earning top placings and many points. They were Reserve Circuit Champion at Silver Dollar Circuit in the Senior Ranch Riding before this show, and they are looking to grab another title here.

To make him even more special is the fact that right before he set out on this show run, he was at the breeding farm and will return there following this show. Leslie spoke highly of the stallion’s great mind and ability to come to show in the middle of the breeding season without having any issues. He is a truly unique horse that keeps on giving his all in and out of the show pen.

To entice exhibitors to show early in the western riding and trail blocks, gift certificates were drawn from the first ten horse’s back numbers that showed. It paid to show early. When exhibitors weren’t showing, they were able to take part in a lunch sponsored by Machine Made. Tomorrow, 7 Bar Ranch will be sponsoring another lunch. Good luck to all and congratulations to all who showed.

Report #5 Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The show is halfway over, but it seems as though the fun is just beginning. Youth exhibitors began showing today which added a new element of excitement. Watching the young people of today, I know that the future of the horse industry is bright. Riders showed much enthusiasm to be here in Arizona alongside their four-legged best friends.

AzQHA started the morning off for the youth with a fun challenge of who could be the first one to tell the announcer their AQHA ID number. Later in the day, the youth were able to try their hands at bouncy horse racing. Arizona Sun Circuit does a fantastic job of keeping exhibitors entertained, making it more than just a horse show.

Amateurs continued showing in western riding, trail, ranch riding, horsemanship, and pleasure today. The classes were even bigger than the first day with tough patterns that called for the highest demonstration of horsemanship skills.

The weather has somehow gotten better as the week has gone by, with highs in the 80’s today. It was the perfect weather to watch and show trail in the outside ring.

Anthony Montes, Michelle Montes, Nancy Riggs, Cherie Crivelli and I soaked up the sun as we watched all of the great goes. Whether you are showing, spectating or riding around, this is the best place to be.

On Thursday, Machine Made will be hosting a lunch catered by the Sweet Shoppe with live music as well. Be sure to stop by for great food and good music.

Congratulations to today’s winners and good luck to those showing in tomorrow’s slate of classes.

Report #4 Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Circuit Champions were beginning to be crowned at the Arizona Sun Circuit today. Johnna Letchworth and Krymsun Kryptonite, a picture captured by Carey Nowacek, were one of the talented teams that took home a trophy. The five-year-old gelding and Johnna bested a deep class in the Amateur Performance Halter Geldings earning numerous points and class wins.

Johnna is one of the many amateurs who is taking on the challenge of turning a young horse into a great all around horse. This process is one that can be long but is always very rewarding. Johnna and Krymsun Kryptonite are already finding success in the western riding, horsemanship, and showmanship.

As a fellow exhibitor, it is exciting to watch young horses develop over the years. As fans, we often become almost as vested in their progress as their owners, cheering them on and then looking back at how far they have come. All Around horses can have such long careers which make it all the more exciting to follow their progress.

The sun was shining once again today, reminding us all why this is one of our favorite quarter horse shows of the year. More fun activities took place after the jumping classes. Exhibitors were given a mimosa glass that was filled to the brim and then asked to gallop up to a small fence, jump it, and gallop back, all without spilling. The rider who had the most in the glass after the course was David Miller. He took home a Bluetooth speaker set.

Tomorrow, the youth will begin showing, and the amateurs will begin slate two of the showmanship, pleasure, and horsemanship. We are looking forward to another beautiful day. Good luck to all.

Report #3 Monday, March 6, 2017

This was not your average Monday; office life was gladly traded in for the sunshine, horses, friends and great competition. Today was a little more relaxing than yesterday’s classes, with the English, reining, and cow horse working with an order and the trail and western riding allowed an open card. Trainers and riders were able to take their time and be fully prepared before entering the pen.

Today’s trail exhibitors had Lyn McArthur in their thoughts as she is recovering from arm surgery. Lyn was in a horse accident earlier at this show. It is not the same without you here; we hope you have a speedy and full recovery so we can see you back in the saddle soon.

The beautiful thing about horse shows is the friendships they create. Whether we are supporting fellow exhibitors that are injured or cheering our friends on in their favorite classes, the bond that horses create is second to none.

I am pictured with my long time friend and recent Maid of Honor, Kili Crawford. Kili and I met eight years ago at this show when she offered me a ride on her golf cart. Kind gestures like this are what horse show people are known for. Kili and I found the Prize Cart and said today’s secret word of “Expensive Hobby,” to earn some cool prizes. Be on the lookout.

Bouncy Horse Races were the game of the day at the show. The Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation was offered the chance to race for a new pair of Rod Patrick boots. Linda Watson had her eye on the prize and bounced her way to the win.

Mechanic sponsored a lunch with live music for all exhibitors this afternoon. The food was great, the conversation was flowing, and the music was top quality. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to have an outside lunch. Thank you, Mechanic. Best of luck to all showing tomorrow and congratulations to today’s winners.

Report #2 Sunday, March 5, 2017

The show was in full swing today starting off with showmanship, trail, pleasure, and horsemanship as well as the ranch riding, ranch versatility, roping and cow horse. There was a class for everyone, and the level of competition was incomparable; to earn a win today was something to be proud of.

Pictured here is Scott Reinartz with his phenomenal gelding, Investin A Goodbar. The duo was the first out in the Amateur Level 3 Showmanship this morning, setting the bar high after perfectly stopping his horse’s hip on the judge and backing quick and straight. They maintained the lead and ended up with the first win of the week in Amateur Showmanship.

If you are into free giveaways, this is the show for you. During the showmanship, AzQHA held their daily scavenger hunt and gave away a pair of Beats headphones. Be sure to tune in each morning for clues and take your chance at finding the item of the day. They also had their prize carts driving around and if you were lucky enough to spot them with the “Word of the Day,” you could take home one of their many great prizes.

The vendor tent is a must see this year, with dozens of great shops offering the year’s best items. Whether you are looking for something for yourself or something for your horse, there is a vendor that can help you. It’s also a great place to walk around and see new trends and familiar faces. While you’re in the vendor area, be sure to stop by and grab your vendor bucks from the awards booth.

It is fantastic to see such a strong lineup of horses and riders in each class. Congratulations to today’s winners and good luck to everyone the rest of the week.

Report #1 Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Sun Circuit is off to a great start with classes underway in multiple arenas. Big numbers were seen everywhere as exhibitors showed their excitement for the week ahead. Nearly thirty horses showed in the Amateur Performance Halter Geldings this morning with all halter classes having solid numbers. The weather was sunny and seventy-five with a slight breeze. The show moving to March was a great decision.

In the Versatility pen, AzQHA continued their tradition of giving away fun prizes for exhibitors. A 48-inch Flatscreen TV was given away after the conformation class to the horse and rider team who could sprint on foot across the arena the fastest. I was fortunate enough to be the fastest one showing and took home the TV.

We are looking forward to tomorrow with a full slate of classes ahead. Good luck to all!

Intro Report

Hey there everyone! My name is Lauren (Crivelli) Stanley, and I’m so excited to be reporting on the daily happenings here at the Arizona Sun Circuit. I will be completing with Extremely Good Stuff in the Amateur All Around events, and Bruce Vickery will be showing him in the Green and Junior Trail.

I will also be showing my two Ranch Versatility mares, Bringin Booty Back and Mylanta Time. We are looking forward to a huge show with great competition and great weather. Be sure to check back to read my reports throughout the show. Read my first one from the first day below.