And now, without further ado, the winner of the $300 Hannah Gift Certificate and the first-ever GoMag Trivia Contest bragging rights is...

100th Issue of GoMag Trivia Contest – And the Winner is…

Thank you to everyone who sent in their guesses for the 100th Issue of GoMag trivia contest with a chance to win a $300 Hannah Fine Jewelry gift certificate.  We received nearly 1,000 total entries and 73% of those answered all five questions correctly.

One interesting side-note before we announce the winner: the last question was “What is your favorite GoMag cover of all time?” Despite 100 possible covers to choose from, more than half of the entries named the same cover as their favorite. That cover was the December 2011 issue featuring RL Best Of Sudden.  Congratulations to Masterson Farms and RL Best Of Sudden for that impressive landslide win!  Also, great job to Mallory Beinborn of Impulse Photography and Dasi Designs for creating such a crowd-pleasing cover design.

And now, without further ado, the winner of the $300 Hannah Gift Certificate and the first-ever GoMag Trivia Contest bragging rights is…

Shelby Layne Ridgway of Benton, Arkansas

Not only was Shelby lucky enough to have her name drawn from over 700 correct entries, she also appears to know her GoMag trivia quite well.  Take a look her answers and some fun explanations for each below:

1. One very famous horse has been on our cover five times.  Who is that horse?

Invitation Only. My first thought was that it would be between Huntin Big Dreams, One Lazy Investment, VS Code Red, and Invitation Only. Clint and Lazy have been on the cover three times. Waylon has been on it four times (three times with Kobe). But Invy has been on it 5 times, every January from 2010-2015. He shared it three times with Lazy Loper, one of those also included Winnies Willy.

2. How many different versions of the GoMag logo have been used throughout the last 100 issues (not including color changes)?

Three. The cursive “Go” and serif “Mag!” was used when GoMag was established in June 2008 and continued until October 2010. The September 2010 issue used the original logo but dropped the exclamation mark. This was used until it was replaced in 2016 by the new sanserif “GOMAG” logo. On a side note, the normal green “Go” with white “Mag” has been used 65 times. The other 35 issues include color variations of “Mag”: black, gray, red, blue, green, and brown. Also, the July 2011 issue (Travis Sancken) was the first time an image was placed in front/on top of the GoMag logo.

3. Which issue of GoMag was the first to include an ad from Hannah Fine Jewelry?

The first issue from June 2008. Hannah Fine Jewelry was on page 2 with a white mouse inside several gold and silver bracelets.

4. How many times was the 100th issue mentioned by advertisers in the 100th issue?

33 times.

5. What’s your all-time favorite GoMag cover? (you can’t get this one wrong)

My favorite cover is of RL Best of Sudden on the December 2011 issue. The cropping and focus bring you right to his eye. It is a great detail shot and so simplistic in the way they executed the ad.

Congratulations, Shelby and thank you to everyone who participated!

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