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Top 10 Funniest Horse Related Memes

We've compiled some of our favorite horse memes from social media that made us laugh. Do you have any others? Share them in the comments.

Memes are often relatable and hysterical to the viewers. Many horse show exhibitors have experienced meme-worthy moments throughout the years. Whether it be forgetting part of the pattern or having a show pad addiction, it is always fun to have a good laugh.

A meme is largely known as an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of things that is spread widely online primarily through social media.

We scoured the internet to find some of our favorite horse show memes and compiled our recent top ten favorites. The one meme featured as the main photo refers to the obvious obsession of equestrians being interested in hundreds of horses posted on social media more so than people. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration but probably not too far from the truth that horse people prefer horses much more than spending time with people.

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This meme literally made us laugh out loud. It is an obvious reference to the class action lawsuits when someone has been wronged somehow and entitled compensation. We all know that the poor spouses get the short end of the stick when being with an equestrian. The significant other is often seen as looking shell shocked due to being “tricked” by their horse loving spouse or partner into helping financially support their horse habit.

This meme is also a funny reference of how equestrians are a little strange and would rather spend time with their horse and give them kisses than spend time with a significant other in human form. Also referring to the fact that germs do not faze horse people in the slightest.

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This meme refers to the obvious ridiculous observation that showing horses is an incredibly expensive sport and that husbands should be happy if their wives just spent $1,000 on concert tickets. They have absolutely no idea what expensive is until they get involved with horses.

You know you are a hardcore breeder when you think AI means artificial insemination instead of artificial intelligence in this day and age. That is such a huge topic these days in the regular news and on social media. But, we know all our horse show friends think different.

A funny meme about how men should really meet women. They should know that shopping in a tack store would be the obvious ticket and way to meet women who are shopping for things they don’t need. Men looking for women should often frequently visit horse shows to find a girlfriend, but keep in mind that they will always be second priority to any horse.

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Our best memes would not be complete without one involving a mare with an attitude. We all know that mares are sensitive and big hearted. However, they definitely reveal their true colors in the show arena or with their owners in the form of not following cues or listening to their owners.

The older veteran equestrians can definitely relate to this meme. Horse people are tough and many have several riding/horse related injuries. There is no doubt they are thankful that no one is looking at their x-rays or doing a flexor test to determine lameness. Otherwise, they probably would’t be allowed in the arena. So, next time you see a trainer or exhibitor limping up to the arena, please remember to give them a bit of grace.

A funny summary of pretty much what horse ownership is all about – spending money, losing money, getting hurt, and dirty are pretty much expected when involved with horses — and to do that over and over again every day is par for the course.

Our favorite memes wouldn’t be complete without one related to paying their horse’s vet bills to keep them safe and sound. We spend more on their spa day, farrier, check-ups, chiropractor in a day than we spend on ourselves in a year.

Cheers to all the horse owners that understand that showing horses requires a sense of humor. It is a necessity along with the love of the horse that keeps them coming back for more year after year. We may be a gluten for punishment, but horse lovers wouldn’t have it any other way.

Did we miss your favorite meme? Post it on our social media comments.

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