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Top 10 GoHorseShow Stories of the Year for 2021: #1

We were all ready to have some fun and laugh a little bit for the #1 story of the year.

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season, for most people, means being with friends and family, giving thanks, reflecting, gift-giving, worshiping, cheering and celebrating. But for GoHorseShow’s amazing group of loyal readers and advertisers, it also means reflecting back on the top 10 stories of the year.

Every year at this time, we take a few days to look back on the horse show year that was, and all of the great, and sometimes not-so-great, moments that comprised it all. It has been an annual tradition of ours for the last 12 years running.

No question, 2020 was challenging (at best) and everyone struggled to fight through and rise above as we all felt the impact of a global pandemic in one way or another. But, 2021 saw new hope as the world pushed to return to “normal”…or at least a little closer version of it. And the horse industry was no different. This year, shows were back in full swing and GoHorseShow was there to capture all the highs and lows, all the smiles and tears, all the ups and downs and everything in between.

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More than ever before, we find ourselves overcome with gratitude for each and every one of the people, horses and businesses that make what we do possible and make the horse show community so unbelievably special. As we look back on 2021, we hope we have delivered you an experience unparalleled by any other in our industry. We know our readers and advertisers have provided us with unparalleled support and for that, we thank you. We know we could never do any of it without you.

Here’s to 2021 being better than the last and to 2022 being even better yet. Until then, from now until January 1, we will reveal the top 10 stories of the year from 2021. Enjoy and happy holidays from all of us at GoHorseShow!

Number 1

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We Ask The Industry: Describe Yourself as a Horse You are Trying to Sell

Published on June 24, 2021
Written by GoHorseShow

The last couple years have been challenging, to say the least. As everyone has struggled to navigate the COVID 19 pandemic, the likes of which no one could have ever prepared for, the horse show community has managed to pull together and persevere like few others. The industry continues to thrive and in many ways, the pandemic has actually opened some doors for people in our horse world with opportunities they may have never taken in the past. There are several reasons for this, but one way horse show people have been able to overcome things is through some good old fashioned humor in the form of self-deprecation. Sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine and our readers and industry insiders gave us all a heavy dose with this one, making it GoHorseShow’s #1 story of the year for 2021.

CLICK HERE to read the #1 most popular story of the year on GoHorseShow.

Number 1 Video

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GoHorseShow Promo Video

Published on September 21, 2021
Video by Danielle Long | Attention to Detail Designs for GoHorseShow

When we asked our ultra-talented photographer and videographer, Danielle Long, to put together a promotional video last fall, just to set the tone and get everyone in the mood for the upcoming fall shows, we certainly didn’t expect the viral results that would follow. Danielle did a masterful job of capturing everything GoHorseShow is all about and somehow managed to pack it all into one 60-second spot. To say our readers responded would be an understatement. It’s hard for anyone not to love everything Danielle does, but all of us at GoHorseShow certainly appreciate the fandom from our readers for this one.

CLICK HERE to see the #1 video of the year on GoHorseShow’s YouTube channel.

Number 1 Social Media Post

How it started vs. How’s it going?

Published on October 18, 2021
Photos by Mallory Beinborn and Danielle Long for GoHorseShow

The popular internet sensation of posting where people started versus where they’ve ended up has taken the social media world by storm the last few years. When we posted side-by-side pics of Shayne Gilliam, one when she was 6 years old and carrying a trophy at the Congress that was almost bigger than she was, and one 5 years later from this year’s Congress with a trophy she won herself in the 11 & Under Trail, our GoHorseShow social media accounts blew up. The comments, reactions, reach and shares were off the charts on both Facebook and Instagram for this oh so memorable horse show moment. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that our model was super-cute, and our photographers for each of the photos are two of the best in the business. Great work, ladies!

CLICK HERE for Facebook and CLICK HERE for Instagram to see the #1 most popular social media post from GoHorseShow.

Number 2

The Three Biggest Mistakes Exhibitors Make – with Clint Ainsworth, Charlie Cole, and Jeff Mellott

Published on February 17, 2021
Written by Kaylee Mellott

As we near the big reveal of our top story of the year, one thing is for certain…clearly GoHorseShow readers have an affinity for articles with tips from the pros. Five of out top 10 stories for 2021 were pointers from experts within the industry and our readers loved them all. One such story in particular stood out from the rest, though. Maybe it was the advice from three of the most successful trainers in the horse business? Or perhaps it was the simple, yet powerful subject matter? Whatever the case, this story had an amazing readership, enough to make it our #2 story of the year.

CLICK HERE to read the #2 most popular story of the year on GoHorseShow.

Number 3

Hattitude: A Look at Current Western Hat Trends in the Show Horse Industry – with Shorty Koger and Sara Simons

Published on May 17, 2021
Written by Megan Rechberg

For the last 8 years, May has been Fashion Month at GoHorseShow, and for the last 8 years, our readers can’t seem to get enough. The May issue of GoMag is the Fashion Issue and article after article throughout the month revolves around all things horse show fashion. Show clothing trends, fashion outside the arena, judges’ perspectives, English fashion, Western fashion, you name it, we cover it in May. We might as well change our name to “GoFashionShow” for that month. But, there’s one particular fashion element that seems to be the essential piece that can make or break your overall look…the Western hat. In this article, we talked to two of the leading experts in the industry to get their inside scoop on hat trends, and the response from readers was enough to make it the third most popular story of the year.

CLICK HERE to read the #3 most popular story of the year on GoHorseShow.

Number 4

POLL – We Ask The Industry: Should the Level 1 Championships be Combined with the AQHA World Shows Going Forward?

Published on January 19, 2021
Written by GoHorseShow

Throughout the last two years, the COVID 19 pandemic has brought about some significant changes to everyone’s daily lives in one form or another. That was especially true for Level 1 horse show exhibitors who found their beloved Level 1 Championship Shows suddenly combined with the AQHA World Shows. Although maybe not ideal for all involved, people seemed generally grateful, given the circumstances, just to be able to have a Level 1 Championship show at all. And, as the combined format started to become the “norm” after two consecutive years, one could make a case for assuming everyone involved would be in favor of leaving things the way they were for the foreseeable future. Well, rather than assume (we all know where that gets you), we decided to ask GoHorseShow readers what they thought. The response was overwhelming and enough to make it the fourth most popular story of the year. And we’re happy to see that AQHA listened.

CLICK HERE to read the #4 most popular story of the year on GoHorseShow.

Number 5

5 Simple Habits of Good Riders – with Kelly McDowall, Carey Nowacek and Johnna Letchworth Clark

Published on July 5, 2021
Written by Kelli Hardy

When three of the best in the business talk, our readers listen. Sometimes, even the simplest advice can make the biggest impact and that was certainly the case here. Our experts for this story have some pretty serious skins on the wall and GoHorseShow readers couldn’t get enough of hearing them break things down into their simplest form. Bad habits are often easy to point out, and countless articles have been written doing just that. But hearing these three point out the good habits you must have to be successful was a refreshing take on things and enough to make it the 5th most popular story of the year.

CLICK HERE to read the #5 most popular story of the year on GoHorseShow.

Number 6

Bell Family Sells World and Congress Champion The Beat Gos On to Original Owner Daniel Henson

Published on November 30, 2021
Written by GoHorseShow

Christmas came early this year for Daniel Henson when he was presented with the incredible opportunity to buy back one of the most accomplished show horses in the industry, The Beat Gos On (Lucy) from the Bell family. Trinity Bell and Lucy had an outstanding show career, winning the Youth World, the Congress and multiple other major titles along the way. And when the time came for the Bells to move on, what better home could there possibly be for this amazing mare than her original breeder?

Trinity and Lucy have had a big presence on GoHorseShow from the very beginning, including being the September 2021 GoMag cover girls, and our readers have formed quite the fan club for the duo. We’ve covered a lot of horse sales on GoHorseShow over the years, but this bittersweet transaction was particularly compelling, making it the number 6 story of the year.

CLICK HERE to read the #6 most popular story of the year on GoHorseShow.

Number 7

2021 All American Quarter Horse Congress Show Schedule Released

Published on March 30, 2021
Written by Ohio Quarter Horse Association

We had to double-check our math on this one. GoHorseShow updates readers with press releases from horse shows continuously throughout the year. Dates, schedules, judges, stall assignments, results, we do our best to keep readers informed with this type of information. However, these types of seemingly mundane updates have never, in the history of GoHorseShow, even remotely registered as top 10 story of the year worthy. Until now.

Following its cancelation in 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the Quarter Horse Congress released the 2021 show schedule earlier this year. Apparently, our readers took that as some sort of unofficial/official announcement that the the greatest horse show on earth would indeed, proceed as normal in 2021. The horse industry was more than ready for the Congress to return after a year hiatus and the anomaly of this story’s ranking proved one thing for certain…the Congress is Still The One.

CLICK HERE to read the #7 most popular story of the year on GoHorseShow.

Number 8

The Rewards & Challenges of Competing as a DIY Exhibitor

Published on September 29, 2021
Written by Rachel Kooiker

One comment we often hear from our readers is that you need deep pockets to compete in our industry. Although that certainly doesn’t hurt (let’s face it, this isn’t a cheap hobby), that stigma is somewhat misplaced as we report time and again on various DIY exhibitors who continue to prove the stereotype wrong. In this article, we sat down with several very accomplished exhibitors who divulged many of the ups and downs of being a DIY-er. Whether due to financial limitations or simply personal preferences, these non-pros have proven that, with determination and hard work, you can do it yourself and still have fun and be successful.

CLICK HERE to read the #8 most popular story of the year on GoHorseShow.

Number 9

Tips for Improving Your Horse’s Topline – with Brian Baker and Katy Jo Zuidema

Published on April 13, 2021
Written by Megan Rechberg

No doubt about it, GoHorseShow readers covet training articles with pointers from the pros. We cover everything from basic maneuvers to more refined techniques and it seems people can’t get enough. With the “topline” becoming such a focal point in judging performance classes, readers were particularly clamoring for more information on the subject and we delivered it with insight from two of the best trainers in the biz. You loved what our experts had to say on the topic, and honestly, how can anyone not love hearing from Brian and Katy Jo? We know we sure do!

CLICK HERE to read the #9 most popular story of the year on GoHorseShow.

Number 10

We Ask The Industry: What is Your Most Memorable Random Act of Horse-Related Kindness

Published on February 16, 2021
Written by GoHorseShow

Could there possibly be a more fitting story to kick things off this time of year? In our tenth most popular story of 2021, leading exhibitors from the horse show industry took time to reflect on times when they were treated with acts of horse show kindness which have stuck with them throughout the years. From professionals to amateurs, our experts really tugged at our heartstrings with their recounting of memories and showed once again how great our horse show community really is.

CLICK HERE to read the #10 most popular story of the year on GoHorseShow.

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