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POLL: We Ask The Industry – Do You Like that the Congress was Moved to Earlier this Year?

The Congress is a wrap for 2021. One of the changes this year was that the dates were moved earlier to start the show in late September and end the 3rd week of October. GoHorseShow wondered if trainers, exhibitors and vendors liked this new move? We asked several industry insiders who attended the Congress this year what they thought about this change.

GoHorseShow received some insightful responses and some possible changes to think about for next year. Vote in our poll and let us know your thoughts.

Debbie Trubee– I would like to see them move it up one more week. It’s all about Ohio weather!




Tami Thurston
– One hundred percent yes. Paul and I have often said that we wished AQHA shows would model themselves after the hunter world and let the seasons dictate where and when we show. I’d love to see the Congress move to September and the new Championship show move to October. The weather would be perfect for both shows.



Margaux Tucker – I did not mind the show being moved up. The weather was great during move-in and set up.  It did, however, mean that those of us with ranch riders and reiners, as well as all arounders, had to stay an entire month. In the past, I did not have to be at the show grounds nearly this long to do all the events. I did find it to be more expensive due to this.



Shannon McCulloch
– I like that they’re moved up to allow a little more time for the people and horses to rest between the Congress and the AQHA World Show. I feel the real question is, “Would the Championship show at the WEC in Ocala consider moving their dates forward into mid-September so more people can enjoy their show and also still work the Congress easily without such a time crunch between the two shows?” That would be a huge gift to our industry.


Tessa Dalton – We enjoy the Congress being moved up. The weather is a huge thing for us with our horses. Especially with us being here from start to end, it’s super nice being able to enjoy the nice weather. The idea of getting done earlier prior to the World Show for a few days, giving the horses a few days break, is amazing. We really appreciate letting us trainers give feedback as we all have different input on the dates. The only downfall for us in Michigan is that it would back up to our big money futurity classes, which might create issues for our association, but there are always options to move and adjust it. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Sarah Lebsock– I think anyone who attended this year would tell you the weather was amazing. Moving the dates up a week certainly helped with that. Being from Columbus, I try to say to people early fall weather here is pretty nice. I also think anyone who is going on to the World Show; we appreciate the extra time between the two shows. Not only for our sleep schedules but, more importantly, for our horses to get some much-needed rest before our next marathon event. I am totally for the new dates. You still get to enjoy the fall days of Columbus but with some sunshine and an extra break after.

Meghan Tierney – I do like it. For one reason and one reason only, weather, weather, weather.





Charlie Cole – Yes, I do. Better weather and more time to rest and regroup for the World Show.




Darci Rapley
– We entered Congress not knowing if our customers or we would even be able to get across the border coming from Canada. So, for us, the date change didn’t make a huge difference either way. We were just happy to be able to show south of the border.


Hillary Roberts
– The weather is better, and we can have more time between Columbus and The AQHA World Show. It’s also nice to be home and enjoy a bit more of the best month in Texas, October.




Alyse Roberts – Yes, I love it. The weather gods were definitely with us this year, but I think being a week earlier will help with better weather overall. It also gives us more time between the Congress and World Show to let those horses have a bit of a break. Especially if they also did the Ocala circuit. I hope the Ocala circuit changes their dates a little to accommodate the Congress dates as well.


Beckie Peskin
– For me, as a working gal, it allows a tiny bit more time before the World Show, so that will enable me to get back to work for a bit before being on the road again. Oh, yeah….and my family appreciates that too.


Rebekah Kazakeviciou
s – I haven’t noticed that it was moved up. As a vendor, we have been here since September 22. I think we have been fortunate with the weather this year. Only two rain days, but the weather has been great.



What do you think? Vote in our poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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