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ICYMI – Trinity Bell Featured on the September Cover of GoMag

ICYMI – Originally published September 1, 2021 in the September Pre-Congress issue of GoMag.

Trinity Bell, Don and Joetta Bell’s daughter, may be 11 years old, but she is no stranger to the show arena. Her horse, The Beat Gos On (Lucy), is seven years old and has been the perfect partner for Trinity’s move to the 13 & Under All-Around events.

At this year’s AQHYA World Show, Trinity and Lucy won the Level 3 – 13&U Western Pleasure and Level 1 – 13&U Western Pleasure. “I was surprised that we won,” Trinity told us. “Lucy is amazing and very easy to work with.” The precocious fifth-grader also told us that Lucy will literally eat anything. “She will eat a taco if you give her one. She’s always looking for treats. She’s really funny, and when I have my hands clenched, she thinks I have treats for her. She’s very close to my heart.”

Her mother, Joetta, says that she was very proud of Trinity’s success at the youth world. “The 13 and under exhibitors are all incredible showmen and young riders. They are all capable of excellent rides. Trinity did her best, and that’s all I could ask of her.”

Trinity says she is looking forward to showing at the Congress in the 11 & Under events. Her younger sister, Jayden, will also show Lucy in the Small Fry Western Pleasure. Joetta is also scheduled to show her in the Non-Pro Maturity Western Pleasure.

Joetta told us that she is thankful that her children’s fall school break is the exact week they need off to show at the Congress. “Tanya Green will be helping our girls at the Congress. She also gives them lessons at home and gives me great support as a mother and friend.”

Due to being a Type 1 Diabetic with Celiac, Trinity has stringent diet restrictions. In addition, with two autoimmune diseases, the family has to be very careful to monitor her glucose levels throughout the day. Joetta tells us that she must be extra diligent when her daughter shows in the hunter under saddle and equitation. “If she gets really hot, it can affect her glucose numbers. So, she wears a DexCom watch that checks her levels every five minutes, 24 hours a day. She also gets tired easily and can’t ride a lot like others or stay up late to ride.”

“Trinity is a real warrior and handles her medical issues in stride. Horses are her reprieve,” Joetta adds. “They help develop focus, muscles from riding, and faith in herself.”

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Cover Design: EM Design & Photography – Cover Photo: Shane Rux

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