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VS GoodRide Candids & Results from the 2021 ARHA World Show

The 2021 American Roan Horse Association World Show (ARHA) recently wrapped up in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  “Thank you to everyone who made this show a possibility. It truly takes a village, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the village we had this year,” an ARHA spokesman posted on their Facebook page.

Thank you to our ARHA staff, our sponsors, Peak Equine Productions, LLC., Corley Equisports, the judges, the show photographer, and everyone who helped behind the scenes to make this a smooth and fun show. Lastly, thank you to our members who came and showed we appreciate each and every one of you.”

CLICK HERE to view VS GoodRide candids kindly taken by ARHA, Sally Blackwell, Christy Arrington, Becky George, and Jean Brooks

Congrats to some of the World and Reserve World Champions.

Youth Western Pleasure 
World Champion Wonit On My RV shown by Charlotte Brooks and owned by Jean Brooks
Reserve World Champion Good To Bea Red Rock shown by Abby Mehl and owned by Cyndi Mehl
Amateur Western Pleasure 
World Champion Hez Strutin shown and owned by Lee Mize
Reserve World Champion VS Ona Good Impulse shown by Sabrina Turner and owned by Elizabeth Turner
Junior Western Pleasure
World Champion Fifty Shades N Good shown by Clayton Jerrell and owned by Lori Nedleman
Reserve World Champion Red Hotts Only shown by Nadia Heffner and owned by Michelle Eberle
Senior Western Pleasure 
World Champion VS Security Code shown by Larry Cross and owned by Chris Hammet
Reserve World Champion Hez Strutin shown and owned by Lee Mize

CLICK HERE for Full Results

Since getting back from the World Show, ARHA has gotten a lot of interest in people wanting to become members and info on registering. ARHA is excited to have new faces joining the ARHA family.

CLICK HERE for Membership Information.
CLICK HERE for Registration Information.

For more information, you may visit their website at