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We Ask the Industry: What Are Your Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots?

Rod Patrick is one of the most mentioned boot brands when it comes to comfort. What are your favorites?

We posed this question to several industry professionals – What is your most comfortable cowboy boots ever? Not surprisingly, several mentioned – “I don’t think they make comfortable cowboy boots.” Others said, “I can certainly voice my thoughts on what not to wear.” One exhibitor responded by saying, “I haven’t found one yet.”

So, GoHorseShow is here to find out the answer. We searched for boots that someone can wear all day every day – riding, showing, judging or just standing and walking on a lot of concrete.

Many trainers and exhibitors from different disciplines told us their go-to’s, and there was a definite trend of favorite brands in the industry. Read the scoop below.


Laurel Walker Denton – For me: Rod Patrick. No contest. Caiman, Ostrich, and square tip Ostrich with calf foot. All-day wear judging or on a horse. I have a narrow foot; they give me support without being too tight. Fit like a glove the first day you put them on. Always the best looking boot in the arena.



Margaux Tucker – I really like Rios of Mercedes. I feel like it matters too if the hide is soft like if the boot is made out of ostrich or lizard. Those tend to let your foot have more natural flexibility. A sole saver on the sole really is a lifesaver too, so I always get that added. You save a lot of wear and tear on the leather bottoms and do not feel near as many rocks. As a runner, I always try to make sure my boot size can allow an orthopedic insole to help in the comfort department.





Shon Gage – The most comfortable boots for me is easy. Since I was 13 or 14 years old, I have worn two boots – Anderson Bean or Rios Of Mercedes. I have always bought them from Patty Logan and Sarah Smith with Logan Westen Supply.







Debbie Kail – I wear Logan black ostrich boots. They are comfortable and look great too!







Ellexxah Maxwell – Definitely my grey Corral boots. I bought them the day before I showed the showmanship at the Congress several years ago, and I absolutely love them. They’re beautiful plus the inserts inside are so comfortable it’s like wearing tennis shoes. I bought another pair the following day to be my horsemanship boots too. They are absolutely addicting.


Charlie Cole
– That’s easy.  Rod Patrick. I always struggled with comfortable and proper fitting boots. Once I got my first pair of Rod Patrick’s I was sold.





Farley McLendon – I can only wear Rios of Mercedes. They mold to my feet and last. Rios come in fun designs to fit any personality.






Clint Fullerton – I wear Ariat Cayman. They are soft and have a flexible leather sole and are easy to wear all-day.






Jessica Baird Divine
– My favorites are actually my showmanship boots. They’re Logan’s. So comfortable and easy to run in the dirt too.







Kristy Starnes – Rod Patrick’s – I have had surgery on one foot, so my feet are actually different sizes, and Bobby custom made my boots to fit.




Sally Blackwell
– Shoot…I can’t wait to read this article. My feet had blisters after the first two days at the NSBA World.







Ali Hubbell – My fancy Stetson boots are incredibly comfy. They are perfect for days of NFR shopping.






Beth Clemons – I have a wide foot, so not only does the ostrich form to my feet nicely, but Anderson Bean makes their boots in widths. They also have comfortable arch support. I love my Anderson Bean Full Quill Ostrich.





Alyse Roberts – I prefer Rod Patricks, Logan’s boots, and the Rios Of Mercedes. For hunt boots, I could walk around all day, and sometimes I do in La Mundiale’s or the Ariat Monaco’s.





Jenn and Justin Wheeler – I personally love Tin Hauls because they are the most comfortable for me, and they last forever but still have cool designs. Justin loves Logan boots. He said they are the most comfortable and always have his size, and we love Patty. She is always great to buy from.




Kellie Hinely – The Logan’s have enough flex that allows your foot to move.  I have trouble with my back, and it’s the only boot that I can wear all day without causing more pain.







Teresa Sullivan  I Love Rio’s from Harris and my Rod Patrick’s. They both fit really well, and my feet and knees don’t get sore like in other brands, especially when on your feet judging all day and into the evening for several days in a row.






Daren Wright – I used only to wear Lucchese boots because they looked great and felt great.  However, a couple of years at Congress, I saw a very cool pair of boots made by Stetson. They looked cool, so I didn’t really care if they were comfortable. Much to my surprise, they fit great and are so comfortable. I’ve bought three more pairs and can judge all day, every day in complete comfort.



Stacy Huls
    Serna, hands down. They’ve held up well and are super comfortable.






Cole Troutner
– Definitely, Tin Hauls. You can almost always find them on my feet, whether I’m at a show, home, or walking through an airport. They’re my go-to. I love the fun designs you can get them in and that they have a rubber sole that holds up to a lot of walking on cement and helps keep your feet drier and warm on wet and cold surfaces, yet is thin enough to get in and out of stirrups when riding easily.



Meghan Tierney – Rod Patrick’s for sure. Customized to your foot and then a pediatric insert since I have a bad back. Best combo out there. Make sure Bobby measures you for the right fit. He carries more widths and sizes than most, so they fit you like a glove.



Erin Bradshaw Weiss – Logan’s black square toe boots. I love how comfortable they are. You don’t have to wear them for two weeks to break them in, which is really nice. They’re also rubber on the bottom, so they wear longer and, in my opinion, add to their comfort. You can’t beat the look and fit of them. I’ve been wearing them for years.




Lori Gordon – Rios of Mercedes and Rod Patrick are my two favorites to stand in 16 hours and judge with no pain or judge a 12-day world show comfortably. If I have to split hairs, Rios have a little thicker sole, which works better just for me because I have really flat feet. I also always wear The Good Feet Store insoles, which took away all of my back and foot pain and sticking to these boots. I love both of these brands of boots for comfort, protection, and style.


Cheyenne Augsburger – Twisted X – They are very comfortable and easy to break in. They are straightforward to work in. They last a long time as well.





Julie Hoefling
– I won a pair a Rod Patrick boots as an all-around high point a few years ago at the Sun Circuit. I keep them as my dress boots and use them for work or industry events when I have to stand on concrete for several hours a day. They are beautiful, classy, and supportive. They instantly elevate an outfit and are super comfortable. One of my favorite pairs, and I always get compliments on them. Otherwise, when I am at a horse show, I usually wear my old tried and true Justin Bent Rail boots. I’ve gone through several pairs over the years and continue to repurchase them. They fit me well right out of the box.

Johnna Letchworth – I have two boots I can wear all day long. One pair is Rod Patrick’s, and the others are Logan’s. They are very different boots but both incredibly comfortable. Love the way they shine up for the show.





Kathy Tobin – I love Logan boots that I wear now, but my favorite they don’t make any more, which were leather-soled Ariat.






Do you have a boot brand that you swear by? We want to know.

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