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Kimes Kandids from 2019 AQHA Select World Show

The 2019 AQHA Select World Show is currently underway. It’s the first year for the Select World to be in Fort Worth, Texas at the Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum and Facility. It may be hot in Texas, but most competitors seem happy about the move from Amarillo.

Select Amateur Heather Lange and Kirstie Marie Jones of Kirstie Marie Photography have kindly taken some candids from the show. Kimes Ranch Jeans has been a longtime supporter and sponsor in the horse industry, including being the sponsor of GoHorseShow’s candids section. Please visit their website to find the perfect jeans to match your style.

CLICK HERE to view the Kimes Kandids sponsored by Kimes Ranch Jeans and kindly taken by Heather Lange and Kirstie Marie Photography.