Having character in the horse world may be hard to find at times, but if you go with your gut and trust the right people, you will be in great hands. Photo © Kaleena Katz Weakly

Motivate Yourself: Ten Sure Signs of Authenticity in the Horse World

We love giving our readers positive and motivational thoughts to start their day. And one of the most positive things a person can do for themselves and toward others is to be authentic. Being authentic will not only help you in the show pen, but it will make you a better person overall, both in your horse world and in your everyday life.

The Power of Positivity website gave us some insight into ten sure signs of authenticity in people. Here, we put these signs together and added a little “horsey” spin on them. Keep these ten traits in mind as you strive to be more authentic and surround yourself with authentic people.


1. Self-Reflective

To progress in life, you have to have a map and a direction. In the horse industry, you must set attainable, measurable goals and be able to reflect upon your horse’s progress. Studying you and your horse’s strengths and weaknesses as a team without obsessing over them will help to springboard you into being a better rider, competitor, and horseman.

2. Non-Judgmental

All professionals and top, leading exhibitors were beginners at some point in time. Learning not to judge others is an important part of being authentic and genuinely caring for others. As riders, we grow and progress with each ride and strive to become a better rider than we were yesterday. It can be easy to get caught up in the world of horse showing and forget where we began, but the most authentic riders will hold their judgment from others and encourage beginners.

3. Live in the Present

Those who live in the present do not dwell on their past, their regrets or their mistakes. Those who exhibit authenticity do not spend all day fanaticizing about the future either. Living in the present and taking things day-by-day and struggle-by-struggle helps us to make the most of our lives. We can ensure that we are committing to being our most true selves by living in the present, but looking ahead and keeping the past in the back of our minds.

4. Focus on the Long Term

Though authentic people live in the present, they make plans for the future. Long term and short term goals are important. Investing time in something with long-term benefits instead of what’s hot now will be more beneficial in the long run. Instead of chasing the crowd, authentic riders will not chase the group, as they know what they want to achieve in a reasonable amount of time. Being authentic means being committed and not giving up when the going gets tough.

5. Character

More importantly, authentic riders value their integrity and their honor more than they value making a quick buck. Those who exhibit character will carry out what they commit to and will always be honest. You can count on these people because they hold themselves accountable for each of their actions. Having character in the horse world may be hard to find at times, but if you go with your gut and trust the right people, you will be in great hands.

6. Listen

Authentic people talk to you only because they want to know how you are doing and they want to hear you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t waste their time. You can tell that someone is authentic in conversation because instead of waiting for you to finish so they can add their two cents, they digest what you are saying and listen. Paying attention to the smaller details and showing an understanding in your communication proves their authenticity instead of purely trying to manipulate the conversation to talk about themselves.

7. Consistency

Like previously stated above, someone who is authentic will hold themselves accountable for their actions which make them more emotionally stable in the long run. Those who know what they want and are on a set path waste no time to chase fame, wealth or status. No, these people are grounded and have plans for themselves that include no flip-flopping or indecision as they are sticking to their plan of success.

8. Honesty

These people know what they want out of life, and they know that to get there, they must be honest with everyone. Withholding information will get you nowhere so these people instead, call it as they see it. There is no need to deceive others or lie about their intentions because they are secure with themselves and see only themselves as competition. The drive to succeed comes from within, not trying to beat out others.

9. Respect for Themselves

Along with self-reflection, authentic riders will value their character and respect themselves along the way. Genuine horse people will refuse to compromise their beliefs because they are real people and they hold themselves to a higher standard. Being accountable for their actions, a strong sense of character and having integrity are all traits of someone who is incredibly authentic.

10. Courage

Lastly, authentic people are courageous and they are never afraid to stand up for what they believe in and what is right, regardless if they have support or not. Being true to themselves and their ideas are important just like sticking to their guns. When everyone tells these people no, they come back and say yes. Authentic people march to the beat of their drum, and they stand out only because of their desire to do the right thing in every minute of every day.


Who was the first person that came to your mind when you read these traits? Authentic horse people are at every show, and they are also in every barn. Keeping this list of features in the back of your mind will help you spot them and value your interactions with them much more. Help spread the authenticity by sharing this articles with your friends and loved ones.