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10 Things I Love and Hate with Erin Bradshaw

Our industry is full of many types of people with diverse backgrounds who all share one thing, a love of horses. But there is so much more than meets the eye to many of these people. We asked multiple APHA World Champion rider, Erin Bradshaw, who owns paint stallion, John Simon, to list the Top 10 things she loves and hates. Erin was kind enough to share her thoughts and she did not disappoint. Check out her revealing comments below!

The 10 Things I Love…

  1.  I love coffee. It’s my favorite drink in the world.
  2. I love sunsets– there is something so peaceful about them.
  3. I love the smell of horses–it’s my favorite smell in the world!
  4. I love bass fishing–fishing is my favorite past time.
  5. I love black, it’s my all-time favorite color, and, if I could–everything I owned would be black.
  6. I love to clean, I could spend my whole weekend cleaning my house and not care! I actually wear people out with my OCD cleaning habits.
  7. I love the smell of Pine Sol, it’s the freshest smell in the world.
  8. I love watching the television show, Friends. I know every episode by heart.
  9. I love Johnny Depp, I have the biggest celebrity crush on him.
  10. I love Flaming Hot Cheetos–I can clear a bag in about an hour.
The 10 Things I Hate…
  1. I hate the color purple with a passion. You will never find it anywhere in my vicinity. When I was little and would get purple ribbons I would throw a fit.
  2. I hate when you’re in a pleasure class and someone comes and parks their horse right in front of you when there’s an entire arena to share.
  3. I hate a dirty horse, it is one of my biggest pet peeves in the world!
  4. I hate when people don’t mow their lawn, especially when I have to look at it everyday.
  5. I hate when someone calls me and I call them right back and they don’t answer.
  6. I hate voice mails–I never listen to them.
  7. I hate when the tire rims on my car get dirty–they must stay clean at all times!
  8. I hate any type of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. I don’t do ghosts and goblins.
  9. I hate reading. I’ve never successfully read a book besides Seabiscuit and the only reason I finished it was because it had a horse in it.
  10. I hate the Cowboys. Worst team to ever grace the NFL.
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