Mark Sheridan – The Ultimate Lead Change Series


Get all 3 DVD’s – over four hours of hands-on instruction from AQHA Judge, AQHA Professional Trainer and clinician, Mark Sheridan.



DVD #1 consists of building the foundation for a quality lead change, a guide to getting complete body control on your horse and setting you up for success. The first DVD includes a series of exercises to set up your horse to do the first lead change as well as have much better body control and consistency in movement.

DVD #2 moves on to the training stages and natural progression of lead changes. This DVD also includes multiple exercises to walk you through going beyond the first lead change and into success for achieving multiple lead changes without losing body position and cadence.

DVD #3 helps you train your horse to become a finished lead changer, including the progression into the show ring. It also contains information regarding maintaining your horse in proper lead changing and problem solving along with proper schooling and show ring strategies.


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