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Defamation in the Equine Industry

Everyone deserves the right to have their reputations protected from false statements. This right is of great importance and value in the horse industry, where one’s reputation is often his or her greatest asset. I often receive calls from people in the horse industry wanting to know if they can bring a lawsuit against someone else for allegedly making a false statement about them. In most cases, the answer is usually no.


Is My Equine Case Worth Pursuing?

“Is my equine case worth pursuing?” This is a very common question that often comes up from potential clients. Although there is no one determining factor, there are several important considerations that a possible plaintiff needs to address before actually filing suit.


Important Considerations for a Pre-Purchase Exam

The weather is getting warmer (well, in some parts of the country) and show season is right around the corner. Many people are still shopping for their next equine partner and making those last minute purchasing decisions. While it is always fun to purchase a new horse, many buyers get caught up in the excitement and forget the importance of conducting a comprehensive pre-purchase exam.


How to Avoid Common Problems in Equine Leases

The past several years have seen an increase in equine leases due to AQHA’s favorable new rules on show leases. A lease is a great situation for both parties when the owner does not want to sell the horse, but might not be able to show the horse during the upcoming show season and does not want the horse to sit idle.


Carrie Quraishi Combines Love of Law and Horses

Carrie Russom Quraishi of Oak Point, Texas has been involved with horses the majority of her life, so, it is not surprising she has found a way to merge both of her passions for horses and law by forming her law practice, Quraishi Law Firm based in Frisco, Texas. “I went to law school with the intention of pursuing equine law as a speciality,” says Quraishi, who is licensed to practice law by the State Bar of Texas.