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Q&A with Owner Cathy Wilkin: Meet Up-and-Coming Stallion Whiskey N Krymsun

Cathy Wilkin of Ontario, Canada, is currently campaigning her outstanding stallion, Whiskey N Krymsun. Whiskey comes from strong bloodlines. He is a 15.2 hand, 2018 brown AQHA Stallion by One Hot Krymsun and out of A Sudden Sweetness, who is a daughter of leading sire RL Best Of Sudden. He is currently winning in the Working Western Rail classes and also has points in the Ranch Trail class with Matt Guthro. This year, he will also be standing at Mountainview Equine located in Steeles Tavern, Virginia. His introductory breeding fee will be $950. Whiskey currently has his first two foals on the ground. (second foal pictured right)

“I think it’s an interesting situation as you don’t get better bred in Western Pleasure than he is, and yet, he is excelling in the booming new discipline,” says Wilkin, who has him under the guidance of Matt and Beth Guthro of BMG Show Horses located in Staunton, VA. “It shows how versatile the Quarter Horse can be, given the opportunity to do so.”  

GoHorseShow sat down with Cathy to learn more about her background and her stallion.

GHS: Hi Cathy. Can you tell us your background and how you got involved with horses?
Cathy: Growing up, my grandparents had a farm and horses, so for as long I can remember, I have loved them. I spent a lot of time there growing up because my grandpa and I shared the same love of horses and would talk about them for hours. He gave me my first horse…a Shetland pony cross mare that was stubborn and marish and not nice at all, but I loved her. She had a foal named Cammara when she was bred to an Arabian stud. He was the only horse I ever trained myself…definitely not the best, but he was perfect for me. I rode him everywhere and anywhere and I will always remember that feeling of being carefree and just riding my horse. Once I was married and had kids (and Cammara had passed away ) I bought my first Quarter Horse and fell in love with the breed. I now have six of them.

GHS: How did you come about purchasing Whiskey?
Cathy: I live in Canada, so I have struggled with breeding my mares, simply because importing semen is so difficult due to our border services agency. I thought if I had my own stallion, it would simplify things for me, so I began my search for a well-bred, quality prospect. I ended up purchasing Whiskey as a weanling. He is sired by the legendary One Hot Krymsun and out of a producing daughter of RL Best of Sudden…he is royally bred. I am beyond happy with how he has evolved into such an amazing young stallion. I do admit that I was very naive about the journey it takes to own and promote a young stallion. That being said, nobody loves him more than me, and as much as it takes me out of my comfort zone, I will always do my best to spread the word about what a special boy he is.

GHS: What is it you like about him?
Cathy: I love everything about him – his pedigree of world champions, his quiet and gentle personality, his long beautiful trot, and I think he is so handsome.

GHS:  What are some of his biggest show accomplishments?
Cathy: His biggest show accomplishments thus far have been most recently at the Spring Breakout Show in Virginia where he was the Circuit Champion in the Working Western Rail class with his trainer, Beth Guthro. That was only the second show with him competing in that class.

GHS: Why should mare owners breed to him?
Cathy: I think that mare owners should consider Whiskey for their mares because the resulting foal will have the ability to compete in a multitude of events. He offers the size, the beautiful movement, the great mind, and trainability and he is also 6-panel negative. With the cost of showing these days, it makes sense to be able to invest in a horse that can show in multiple different events and still be able to come home and take them on a nice quiet trail ride. I believe Whiskey will be able to accomplish this task making him an ideal sire for any non-pro riders.

GHS: He is out of a producing daughter of RLBOS and by One Hot Krymsun, yet he is winning in the ranch classes? Why were these classes chosen for him? What do you think it says about the versatility of Quarter Horses?
Cathy: Whiskey is definitely bred by Western Pleasure royalty, but he is currently winning in the Ranch classes. I give credit to his amazing trainers, Matt and Beth Guthro, but also acknowledge that, along with their expert piloting skills, it is due in part to his long stride at the trot, his slow legs, and beautiful cadence at the lope, his trainability, and the fact that he is so quiet and good minded. These characteristics are well known in the Quarter Horse breed, which makes them so versatile.

GHS: Tell me about your trainers Matt and Beth. How did they become your trainers? What classes are Matt and Beth showing Whiskey in? What do you like about working with them?
Cathy: Last year, I had to take a step back and reassess my goals for Whiskey, so he came back to Ontario. He bred some mares and after doing some research and speaking to Beth Guthro, I decided they would be a good fit for Whiskey to re-enter the show circuit. It was honestly the best decision I have ever made…I adore them. And so does Whiskey. They are the hardest-working people I have ever met and they have created such a warm, welcoming barn family. The horses are so well cared for and loved, yet Beth and Matt are fierce competitors and always want to do the best for their clients. It is the best place for us. This year Whiskey is focusing on showing in the Junior Ranch Trail and Junior Working Western Rail. In the future, we will be adding Ranch Riding, Hunter Under Saddle classes, Performance Halter, and possibly Western Riding. My dream for him is to be a contender for the Superhorse title at the World Show. But for now, we will just take one day at a time, one show at a time, and go from there.

GHS: Did you plan on getting involved in the breeding side of things?
Cathy: Besides being Whiskey’s owner, I am also a registered nurse, which I think lends me to be more inclined to love the science behind breeding as well as the hands-on care that is involved. I love every part of it. It’s my favorite part of owning horses, which is why it makes sense that I own my own stallion. I am so excited to see what crosses will be best for him and the characteristics he passes along to his foals.

GHS: Why type of mares do you think will be the best crosses for him?
Cathy: I am confident that he will cross well on a variety of mares. For example, his long, beautiful trot and slow-legged lope make him an ideal cross on hunt seat mares. For ranch-bred mares, I think he will add a more slow-legged and cadenced lope, as well as some height. I do think his niche is going to be as an all-around sire and creating prospects that excel in multiple events. With all of the crosses, I am confident he will pass along his great mind and trainability, thereby making him a favorite with trainers, as well non-pro, do-it-yourself horse enthusiasts.

GHS: What futurities is he eligible for?
Cathy: Right now, he is eligible for the NBSA, the Southern Belle, and the Iowa Ranch Futurity. As we get more foals on the ground, I will be enrolling him in all of the major futurities.

GHS: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Cathy: Whiskey is a great young stallion that is working hard to prove himself as both an all-around show horse, as well as an all-around sire. He knows his job in the show pen, as well as his job in the breeding barn. I hope mare owners will consider him as a stallion for their mare and join me on this journey with him. He really is the best boy and I know one day he will have his name on the NSBA Leading Sires List. 

GHS: Thanks, Cathy!

If you would like more information about breeding your mare to Whiskey N Krymsun, please contact Matt and Beth Guthro of BMG Show Horses at 540-460-5278 for more information. His introductory breeding fee is $950.