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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Amateur Patty Bogosh

Patty Bogosh and her 2016 gelding Firstoneinlastoneout (“Perfect Patrick”) have been showing together since 2018 and have had a great start to their 2023 season. The pair just wrapped up the Arizona Sun Circuit, where they won both National Championships in Amateur Showmanship and Horsemanship. They were also Reserve Circuit Champions in the L3 Amateur Showmanship and Horsemanship. This year, the team added the trail and western riding to their roster, came home from Arizona with placings, and won in a very deep L2 group.

In prior years, both Patty and her trainer of 12 years, Valerie Kearns, had wins and Top 10 placings at the AQHA World Show and Congress. Patty bought Patrick in 2018, and they started adding the all-around events that Fall after the Congress, where they had competed in the Open (with Valerie) and Non-Pro Pleasure classes.

Patrick was a natural and picked up the events quickly, resulting in the bronze trophy at the 2019 AQHA World Show in the L2 Amateur Horsemanship. The pair then won the same class in 2021 and were Reserve at the Congress. Over the years, they have had numerous Top 10 placings at the World Shows (AQHA & NSBA) and the Congress. This team has a strong bond and loves competing throughout the country.

Here are 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Patty

1. I was the first person in my family to attend a 4-year college. My degree is in accounting, and I do business development for a global CPA firm – I love what I do. All of the partners I work with are incredibly supportive of my horse addiction. They always want to know how I’m doing at the shows and cheer for me from the live feeds.

2. I worked three jobs in college: 1) makeup artist for Estée Lauder, 2) cleaning stalls to pay for my training, and 3) undercover for the police department. I also paid for my horse showing by braiding and banding manes. To this day, I’m obsessed with how my mane looks.

3. Growing up, I bought several horses as babies and trained them myself. I rarely had a full-time trainer, but I was able to take lessons growing up which held me accountable for my progress. Valerie Kearns found me Earn An Invitation, and he was the first horse I bought as a proven 2 yr old.

4. I used to do the hunt seat and had a really fun all-around horse as a later youth that I bought as a yearling, Timetwousethecharm.  He was the kindest, most willing horse, and though I broke him out, he taught me more than I taught him.

5. I just recently became a dog mom, and she thinks my cat (Squishy) is her best friend. Unfortunately, Squishy does not feel the same way. Squishy would now like to live with the neighbors and tries to invite herself over often.

6. Showmanship has always been my favorite class to compete in. I attribute this to not always having great moving horses because this class didn’t need good movers. I always did well, but in 2015 I won the L2 at my first-ever world show with Earn An Invitation.

7. I am always way too prepared and get to the arena way too early. Don’t ever follow me if you think you’re getting up there on time…you’ll be waiting a while. I’m lucky to have had horses that don’t care and just chill as we wait for our class.

8. I’m never an instigator of trouble but always of fun. I’m always up for dinner, drinks, or just hanging out…at home and the horse shows. That’s why they call me Party Patty.

 9. Most people say I live a double life. I work in corporate America and live in downtown Chicago during the week; on the weekends, I’m either in the country at the barn or at horse shows. Being a Gemini, I do both quite well.

10. My favorite TV show is The Office. I’ve seen every episode numerous times and am well into the podcast, The Office Ladies. I listened to it every day at the World Show to calm my nerves and keep me in a positive mindset.

Thank you Patty! Best of luck to you and Patrick this year.