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Landy, Kooiker & Cummings Elected to APHA Board of Directors

Meredith Landy, Rachel Kooiker and Peggy Cummings were elected to the APHA Board of Directors for three-year terms. The election took place February 26 as part of the 2023 APHA Convention in Fort Worth, Texas. These new members expand the APHA Board of Directors to its full 12-member Board.

The 2023 APHA Board of Director members are:

  • President & Officer David Lands, Gloucester, Virginia
  • President-Elect & Officer Sandy Jirkovsky, Whitesboro, Texas
  • Board Member Kelly Boles Chapman, Bellevue, Michigan
  • Board Member Monika Hagen, Haldenwang, Germany
  • Board Member Diane Alves, Ballico, California
  • Board Member Ashley Griffin, Owenton, Kentucky
  • Board Member Mike Holloway, Brandon, Mississippi
  • Board Member Jamie Howard, Wayne, Oklahoma
  • Board Member Peggy Cummings, Sedalia, Colorado
  • Board Member Rachel Kooiker, Hudsonville, Michigan
  • Board Member Meredith Landy, Winchester, California
  • Immediate Past President Melanie Cox-Dayhuff, Knightstown, Indiana

Two spots were also open for the 2023 Nominating & Leadership Development Committee, and state directors elected Mark Kuhlwein and John Briggs to fill those positions.

The 2023 Nominating & Leadership Development Committee features: Chairman Melanie Cox-Dayhuff, Knightstown, Indiana; and members David Lands, Gloucester, Virginia; Sandy Jirkovsky, Whitesboro, Texas; Carla Perri, Cochranville, Pennsylvania; Craig Wood, Owenton, Kentucky; Diane Paris, Stephenville, Texas; Lisa LaPlace, Perrin, Texas; Mark Kuhlwein, Glendale, Arizona; and John Briggs, Aubrey, Texas.

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