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We Ask the Industry: What do You Want from Santa this Year?

The holiday season is officially upon us. Thanksgiving has passed, and everyone is gearing up for the next big holiday. Christmas time is filled with gifts, being surrounded by loved ones, and parties with friends and family.

Our fellow barn members spend many hours, days, and weeks with their horses every year, and most are basically considered part of the family.

GoHorseShow asked exhibitors in the industry what they wanted for Christmas…read their fun answers below. Happy Holidays everyone!

Julian Harris – I would love one day for my grandparents to come to dinner and be able to cook for them for one evening. They’ve since passed several years ago now. But it would be nice.





Carolyn LaRose – I usually say the same thing every year…1 million dollars, the souls of all who have displeased me, and a puppy (or horse), but that’s a joke. My partner and I do vacations. We just went to Iceland this past year, and we’ve planned a trip to Bali in 2023 that’s our Christmas gift to ourselves. Oh, and the Samsung Bespoke Cordless Vacuum.



Debbi Trubee – A Caribbean island.







Meghan Tierney – I’d like feed and hay prices to go back to what they were ten years ago this year for Christmas.





Beth Case – I really want a new hose for my wash rack that I can put a nozzle on, and the hose stays in one piece…and is not red.





Rebekah Kazakevicius – What I’d like for Christmas is to find a yearling coming 2-year-old.





Scott Reinartz – Christmas for me, at my age, is just enjoying good company. I get more enjoyment from watching my great nieces and nephews open up gifts than receiving gifts. The excitement and energy remind me of why Christmas is so special. Although, if Santa wanted to drop me off a New Aston Martin SUV, I would gladly take it.



Ellexxah Maxwell – Spending Christmas in Florida is a gift enough, but some nice weather and sunshine would be a great present!





Paige Wacker – Sometimes there are things money can’t buy. All I want for Christmas this year is good health. It’s been a roller coaster year for me health-wise (concussion and GI ulcers). But, my horses have helped me not lose sight of my showing goals, despite the medical challenges.




Meredith Landy – I would love to have one of those Breyer horse-type models (not the real ones but the ones that look real) made of a few of my favorite horses. I also recently saw an ad on Facebook about a company that will make a Christmas ornament out of your favorite photo of you and your horse. I could probably drop a lot of money on those! Otherwise, I’m happy with a quiet Christmas at home with my two daughters and our barn full of horses.

Brister Shum
– I absolutely love the Stella Show Shirts at Just Peachy. If one were to appear under my Christmas tree magically, I would give Santa a big hug.





Kim Gutowski – Truth is, as part of an old married couple, I’m getting a refrigerator for Christmas, but on the fun side, I’m also getting a new hot tub. On the entertaining side, I saw some great gift ideas for Dallas and me at the Pro Horsemen’s Auction at the AQHA World Show and scored body treatments for Dallas and myself. And new soft rides for my best boy.


Kathy Tobin – My Christmas wish list is always for excellent health for my family and friends. I’ve been eyeing a horse that I can’t say who, but I know he’ll be under (or at least next to) my tree this year.




Missy Thyfault – I’d love a vacation for a present. Somewhere tropical. It’s been a while!





Kristin Titov – I love Kimes Ranch outerwear. I can always count on excellent quality. My current crush is the Wildfire Jacket. The cutest puffer jacket!



Jennifer D’Onofrio
– For Bella’s national signing day, I bought her a Tiffany’s black onyx pendant to go with the black and orange of Oklahoma State. I told her to think of me when she puts it on or sees it in the mirror. I told my husband I would love one, too…so we could wear them simultaneously. But, she will be far away, which will be hard for me.



Elizabeth “Spike” Brewer – Honestly, I feel blessed to say that I do not want anything. I am blessed to have my husband, Jody, my life’s love, and our beautiful daughter Addison. As long as I have my family, I need nothing else! It is an understatement to say that today and every day, I am very thankful, grateful, and blessed.



Sharon Conway
– I am going big this year and buying myself a new Blue Ribbon show saddle. But, I have been on a self-inflicted horse show budget (mostly around clothes) for the last several months, and I sold a saddle to help fund my purchase, so I only feel a little guilty about spending that much money on myself.  But this will be my only present.



Carey Nowacek – Oh man, that’s a tough one. I would so much prefer to give gifts…it’s so much fun for me. I always have difficulty “asking” for anything for Christmas, but this year, I am getting a puppy and am so excited for him to arrive.




Beckie Peskin – Well, I’d like a winning lottery ticket, but that hasn’t shown up in my stocking so far. Right now, I’m in mom mode…nothing big for myself because my little one has decided she wants to show, so I’m starting nearly from scratch, buying her EVERYTHING.



Are you hoping to get something specific for Christmas? Are you getting your horse something special? Please share with us!