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We Ask The Industry: What Are You Thankful for in 2022?

The conclusion of the World Show marks the end of the show season for 2022. Dreams have come true for some, while others are just finding their feet. As the season winds down and the holidays are upon us all, many of us take this time to reflect on what the past year has brought our way. So, this holiday season, we have asked the industry to tell us a bit about what they are grateful for this year.

From the horses themselves to the “behind the scenes” people who make it all work, their answers inevitably did not fail to capture everything there is to appreciate about this sometimes crazy, yet almost always fun, horse show world that we love so much.

Let us know what you’re thankful for this year in the comments, and everyone have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Katy Jo Zuidema – I’m thankful for so many things. Our family is healthy; we have amazing people in our village who improve our lives daily. I’m married to my best friend, who loves me to death. Our kids are doing great. JR is getting ready to graduate this spring; we’re so proud of him. We sold our farm just under a year ago and bought a fantastic house on the Gulf. Every time we go there, Tim and I pinch ourselves. Business is excellent for us. We work for extraordinary people who appreciate our effort and share our enthusiasm for horses. We live in the most significant state in the union with the best Governor whose decisions make a difference in our lives. I’m almost 40 years old, and I can genuinely say there isn’t anything I want more than I have right now. So, thankful might not be enough to explain that I don’t take anything for granted, and I’m genuinely grateful for the blessings in my life, and I hope I show that to everyone around me. Much love and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Sarah Lebsock – Boy, there’s so much to be thankful for. I’m so grateful for the health of my family and friends and the time I get to enjoy spending with them. Whether at home or traveling all over the country to horse shows. I’m thankful for a job and career that allows me and enables me to show while also giving my brain a place to thrive. I’ve had a pretty big year, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how grateful I am for the horses that got me here, both past and present, and all of the coaches and trainers that pushed me to be a bit better. And, of course, so much gratitude to the Big Man upstairs who gives us all of these things and so much more.

Beth Clemons – I have a lot to be thankful for. First and foremost, I’m grateful for my support system. It comprises incredible people from past and present clients, family, friends, and my amazing boyfriend of 12 years. Second, I’m thankful for my health to allow me to continue doing the things I love most. Third, I’m grateful for the opportunity and ability to work with these incredible horses. Fourth, I’m thankful for my past, the good, the bad, and everything that has led me to where I am today; the good horses and the tough ones who taught me even more. The people who appreciated the ones who didn’t and me, led me where to focus my time. Finally, I’m thankful for the strength, resilience, and blessings the good Lord has given me. We all have so much to be grateful for every day. Happy Thanksgiving.

Jamie Dowdy – I am thankful for my amazing son and family. I am grateful for the outstanding horses I get to be around and the people that invest and believe in me. I am thankful for each day I get to love those important to me and do what I love to do.



Meggen Morrow Baynes
– I am thankful for my new horse, Legend. I purchased him after my Mom died from Covid in 2021, with some of my Mom’s money that was left to me. I call him “Kay’s Legend,” as my Mom’s name is Kay. He brings me a lot of joy, always so fun to be around.




Jenn Wheeler
– I’m thankful for my beautiful family. I have the best husband and kids in the world. And I’m so grateful for so many wonderful people and horses we work with; I truly feel blessed to have such an amazing “barn family.” The best people I’ve ever met have all been brought into my life by horses. I’ve always loved horses, but I love them even more for all the extraordinary humans they’ve brought with them.





Vanessa Froman – I’m thankful for another trip around the sun, being old enough to become a Masters Amateur with APHA, KT tape, only having one blown trailer tire this year in the middle of Missouri, my family who keeps me humble, and for my dear friends who still love me, even though I’m never home.



Emma Edwards – 2022 gave me so much to be thankful for. First and foremost, I am grateful for the excellent health of my friends and family, which is never to be taken for granted. I am so thankful for the love and never-ending support I receive from them through all my ventures. I am also very grateful that 2022 had a sense of normalcy and that we could compete with our horses and do what we all love. And, of course – I am so, so, so very thankful for my horse, Jack, and my dog, Louie, who both bring me so much joy and love every day.

Joe Whitt – I am thankful for life; I have semi-retired and have the opportunity to move to South Carolina and begin my small breeding program. I am also grateful for my family and friends who have supported me this year and in my life. Happiness, being positive, and being thankful for what you have is a choice. I choose all of those and appreciate the many blessings life has brought me.





Meg Pye – I’m extra thankful for my family and friends this year. 2022 has been a very blessed year for the Pye’s. We had a beautiful wedding, our family was healthy, and we had a very successful year with our horses. Taking this time to reflect on it all…that is what it’s all about.



Kelly McDowall – Health, family, and faithful friends have always been essential, but definitely in my thoughts more this year than in the past.



Debbi Trubee
– We’re thankful for our health and being able to do what we love. Who gets this lucky?




Grant Mastin
– This year has been filled with many changes and new opportunities. I am incredibly thankful for my family and friends who have supported me throughout my journey, and I am blessed with many exciting opportunities on the horizon.



Johnna Letchworth
– I’m thankful for my close friends and family, spread far and wide across the country this year. When push comes to shove, those are the people whose support and encouragement never waver — I’m very fortunate to have them. And, of course, I’m always thankful for my animals, especially Howie.


Brad Jewett
– Thankful for salvation through our Lord and savior Jesus. Thankful to my wife and family for all of the love and support given to me and my crazy schedule. I am grateful for the ability to do many things I love within the horse industry. I am thankful to live in a country where I can choose to worship who I please, eat what I want to eat, and vote for who I want to vote for. Praying it stays that way.



Jan Pittman – First, I am thankful for my family and all the love and support they surround me with each day. What a blessing. I am also grateful to have an incredible horse family and to be part of the industry I love.



Melissa Shetler
– Thankful to continue to do what I love. It’s a tricky business, but lucky to have been successful for 20 years. And thankful my daughter shares my passion.






Jamie Radebaugh – I am thankful for family, friends, and good health, and especially this year, I’m grateful for a good job that allows me to pursue my dreams of showing horses. But, mostly, I’m thankful that my son is making it home from Colorado for Thanksgiving, and I can go there for Christmas.



Olivia Tordoff – There is so much to be thankful for this year. I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by a healthy family and friends. Second, I’m grateful for all the incredible horses that taught me so much this year and in the past. Finally, I’m thankful to do what I love, surrounded by the people I love.



Tanya Relander – Our health and the ability to do what we love.




Farley McLendon
– Thankful to get to do what I love. Thankful for my family and our health. It was a great year and I’m praying for a successful 2023.




Lauren Stanley
– I’m incredibly thankful for good health, great friends, and talented horses. The older I get, the more I realize the importance of these three things, not only for myself, but for my family and friends.



Alyse Roberts – I’m thankful for a unique, supportive family. I’m grateful for a wonderful group of customers, employees, and a beautiful farm, and I’m always grateful that I get to do what I love every day.




What are you thankful for? We’d love to know! And from everyone at GoHorseShow, have a great Thanksgiving!