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AQHA Show Department Transitions Leadership to Karen McCuistion

The American Quarter Horse Association is proud to announce that the AQHA Show Department will transition leadership to Karen McCuistion as the new interim chief show officer.

Effective December 31, Justin Billings is stepping down as AQHA chief show officer to serve as executive vice president of operations of the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

“We are proud of the accomplishments Justin has made during his tenure with AQHA and thank him for his service to the world’s largest equine breed registry,” said Karl Stressman, AQHA chief executive officer. “Leadership is excited for Karen to continue the efforts of the AQHA Show Department to improve the Association’s events, programs and services provided to more than 230,000 members around the world.”

McCuistion started with AQHA in April 2017. For the past three years, she has served as senior director of member programs and has successfully overseen several AQHA programs, including the AQHA Professional Horsemen, Ranching Heritage, Breeder Recognition and Horseback Riding programs. The Member Programs Department will merge back into the Show Department, and she will continue to guide those programs, as well. McCuistion plans to keep the focus of the Show Department on improving efficiencies and customer service, while increasing the footprint of AQHA competition around the globe.

“I’ve worked closely with Justin over the past five years, and I am proud to continue the work he and his team have accomplished,” said McCuistion. “My goal is to maximize and utilize over 40 years of industry experience to serve members and progress the department and Association moving into the new year.”

Billings will assist McCuistion during the transition until December 31.

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