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We Ask The Industry – What’s One Thing You Can’t Survive without at Congress?

With the world’s largest horse show, the All American Quarter Horse Congress, just around the corner, GoHorseShow wanted to find out what trainers and exhibitors can’t live without during this month-long marathon show.

Anyone who has had the amazing opportunity to experience the carnival-like atmosphere at the Congress knows that the weather is usually unpredictable, midnight rides are inevitable, and the fun never ends. However, we had some entertaining and enlightening answers from some of our exhibitors on the one thing they can’t survive the Congress without.

Grant Mastin – Naps are one thing I could not survive without at Congress. Having many early mornings and late nights that turn into early mornings, naps become essential.





Tali Terlizzi – Clothing for all four seasons and Bourbon Chicken.





Emma Brown – If I’m being totally honest, I couldn’t survive without my parents. The Congress is one of my favorite shows, but it can become hectic and stressful. But, they keep me very grounded and help me keep my cool when my emotions get high. We genuinely show horses because it is a special time we get as a family, and I’m so grateful we have that experience together.


Carli Pitts Jerrell – Heated vest!





Vanessa and Collin Froman – I pack half of my house when we go to Congress, so to name one thing I can’t survive without is tough.  It would probably be my supplies to make my version of Starbucks’ “Medicine Ball” tea to help me ward off the Congress crud. I asked Collin, and his response was, “Oxygen! I can’t survive Congress without Oxygen!”


Debbi Trubee – Cigarettes.







Ali Hubbell – My trainer.





Katy Jo Zuidema – Great help, a cozy setup, and horses that are soldiers. My days of taking some green/rogue horse to Congress and trying to pull a miracle off are over. Also, we try our best to surround ourselves with great people who are positive and want good for each other. I’m 40ish, Tim is 50ish, and we’re over the competitiveness among friends. Everyone has the same struggles. Let’s be comrades.



Pasley Mathis – 24-hour Sweet Shop!





Deanna Rippeon – Easily: each other.





Meghan Tierney – Airborne – the one with the energy support. Start taking it like a week prior, and then I mix a packet in water at least once a day during the show. As always, I still end up getting sick. But it’s not nearly as severe since I’ve started this ritual. If you’re like me, someone who gets the crud in the worst way and either wants to die or be hospitalized- this keeps you at least going and on your feet when and if the crud finds you. Plus, it gives you energy.


Ashley Dunbar-Clock – Good help.





Leonard Berryhill – My wife.








Taylor Gumz – Congress is a long, hard month for many of us. Working the booth all day and then riding in the middle of the night doesn’t leave a lot of downtime. However, I could not survive Congress without my dog, Axel. He takes the meaning of the emotional support dog to a new level. Whether it’s a busy day at the booth, late night at the stalls, or the few hours we can take a deep breath and curl up by the fireplace in the trailer, he’s there. He plays an important role, from being the business mascot to the best travel companion.

Alyse Roberts – Airborne.






Sherri Hennis – A night at the Green Wall!






Lynne Puthoff – Long underwear and adult beverages, a good napping place even though I’m not a good napper at all, and a cinnamon roll.




Beth Case – 5-hour Energy’s & Excedrin.





Rebekah Kazakevicius – Beth Case, VIP Parking, Advil PM. Considering we are there for 32 days with the booth, a shop vac for the trailer and a vacuum for the booth are necessary.




Kelly McDowall – My helpers.






Beckie Peskin – My favorite down vest. It’s lightweight and packs up to absolutely nothing and keeps me snuggly warm when needed. Oh, and egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches from the Sweet Shop.




What is your must-have at the Congress? Is there one thing you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments.