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APHA Temporarily Suspends Select Show Rules to Combat Inflation

Due to the extreme inflation rate and rise in gas prices seen this year, competing in and producing horse shows has become more expensive than ever before. To try and ease the burden on its members, the APHA Board of Directors has suspended the following show rules through December 2022, at which time they will again be reevaluated. These rule suspensions will allow shows to hire judges in closer proximity to their shows and develop a more time efficient class schedule to reduce the number of show days for an event.

Temporary Judge Rule Suspensions:

  • Judges may judge the same show that they judged in 2021. Rule JU-000.D.3.
  • Judges may judge more than two shows per state in the U.S., Canadian provinces, or countries in Europe during 2022. Rule JU-000.D.2.a
  • Judges may judge a show that is within 200 miles of another show within 30 days of each other. Rule JU-000.D.1.
  • All other judge rules concerning judging APHA events remain unchanged.

Temporary Show Management Rule Suspensions:

  • Expanded concurrent judging will be permitted per the below revision. Rules SC-105.B.1 and 2.
    • Halter, Color Classes, Longe Line, Reining, Ranch Classes, Western Riding, Pleasure Driving, Utility Driving, Over Fences Classes, Speed Classes, Cattle Classes, Rail Classes may be approved on the same date and judged simultaneously.
    • Trail, In-Hand Trail, Showmanship, Hunt-Seat Equitation, Western Horsemanship may be approved on the same date and judged in split arenas with separate courses/patterns. If rail work is requested by any judge in Hunt-Seat Equitation or Western Horsemanship, exhibitors will do rail work one time to all judges.
  • A main judge may be used for more than two shows when tabulating the Top 20 Awards. Rules SC-045.A.1., AM-060.C, AM-230.A.3, YP-055.C
  • All other show rules concerning APHA events remain unchanged.

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