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About the Cover

Featured on the cover of our May Fashion Issue of GoMag are the incomparable sisters, Madeline and Allie Rippeon from Maryland. These two girls are blowing up the horse show fashion scene with bold and brilliant color schemes that match each girl’s personality.

Ultra-glam equine photographer Ali Hubbell did their fashion cover photoshoot at Rusty Green’s farm in Ocala, Florida. Hair and makeup artist and top equestrian Deanna Green did the girls’ makeup while both girls sported dresses from Joyfolie and hats from Brinks Hattery.

“As far as attitude and style, during makeup, Allie wanted a red lip and Maddie, a brown lip,” longtime Rippeon photographer Ali Hubbell told us. “That explains a lot about them. Maddie is the ‘nurturer’ in the family. She loves to take care of others. She has found a love for cooking and even helps run their farm operations in Maryland.”

“Their dresses were chosen by them, reflecting their personalities,” their mother, Deanna mentioned. “Madeline loved how she looked in the Brinks hat, turquoise boots and off-white lace batwing dress. Allie also loved her Brinks hat and opted for a purposefully opposite look from her big sister, wearing a black fashion dress with a tulle flare skirt and fitted bodice with lace accents.”

Hubbell adds, “Allie is the more outwardly assertive of the sisters. She has a ‘take charge, I’m coming through’ attitude. They actually both do. But, Allie is more vocal about it.”

“I’d describe them as ‘rustic glam,’” Allie explains. “Their mom believes that ‘the bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus,’” she says with a laugh. “Allie is the one to be more aggressive and loud/take risks in her style. Maddie is classic, but not expected in her style. I love working with these kids. Always have. They are so confident in the best way possible.”

“It makes perfect sense that Madeline’s horse is aptly named Fashion Statemant. Madeline is known to be classic in her look and typically chooses a design scheme that compliments her horse. She stood out at the 2019 Congress wearing a stunning HouseWear set in golds, ambers and caramel. For the showmanship, we like a very professional tailored look. Madeline has previously worn a custom suit, but she actually prefers a stoned jacket and well-fitting pants,” their mother says. “She’s currently wearing an off-the-rack Trudy Black Label jacket purchased at the Spring Breakout in Virginia. Moving into the 14-18, we realized we wanted something more refined and mature for her. She’s an exquisite showmanship exhibitor, and we lucked out finding this gorgeous jacket at A Bit More Designs. A Bit More has been a staple in both girls’ careers as she’s based out of the Tar Heel State and travels to shows from NJ to FL and all stops in between.”

Younger sister Allie, who rides her bay mare, ItzOnlyMakeBelieve in the all-around events, changed her color scheme this year when she went away from her well-known mulberry red color to a kelly green and rose gold combination. Deanna adds, “Allie is currently awaiting a custom jacket from Kevin Garcia Originals. Her riding outfits are custom designed and fitted by Sonder Avenue. Judith tailored her fittings via FaceTime and achieved perfection for Alexandra. Allie has a bespoke fitted look for the horsemanship, a stunning golden day shirt and the jacket with bolero will take your breath away.“

Deanna shares that Carrie Bachey at Just Peachy is a dear friend and confidante. “While exhibiting at the Congress, Shannon (Walker) and I recognized we wanted Allie to stand out and not look like any other exhibitor. So, I went to Carrie and asked her what’s classic/stunning and not seen? What an odd thing to ask, right? I was aiming for ideas that no one else was using. Carrie and Shannon both suggested the kelly green. Allie likes classic and pretty, but with a little edge. That led us to define the kelly green with rose golds and copper and keep it classic with pearls and linear lines. Allie’s signature is gold spikes. Since her first outfit in the small fry, she’s had spikes somewhere on her clothing. We’ve seen others repeat the look, but that is so Allie and is so ‘her thing.’”

Madeline’s riding attire is specifically selected from a handful of designers. Her chaps are Berry Fit. “I think Carolyn Berry is the pinnacle of women in western show attire and an amazing role model for women in business. She leads with kindness, over-delivers and her products are such high quality. We love her chaps,” Deanna told us.

“Madeline wears royal blue showmanship and horsemanship outfits with a matching bolero that I custom designed with Carolyn,” said Deanna. “She let me do some things outside the norm at Berry Fit, and Carolyn’s clothes’ look/fit/structure is impeccable. Maddie’s absolute favorite horsemanship top is made of a wearable fabric and has a very flattering fit, while also being comfortable. HouseWear Show Clothing is the brainchild of Maddie’s go-to horsemanship top. Kerry is so fun to work with and is very supportive of my girls. She lovingly designed Madeline’s very first Congress riding outfit and it’s still the most gorgeous outfit Deanna has ever seen. HouseWear went on to design multiple showmanship outfits, riding outfits and is still on speed dial for these ladies.”

Regarding English hunt attire, both girls have previously worn Glamorous Threads custom jackets, shirts and collars.

“Having very different daughters, yet raised under the same roof has presented some interesting challenges. Their styles are opposite, and their personalities are often reflected in their favorite pieces,” Deanna states. “Our trainer, Shannon Walker always tweaks the idea and chooses options that flatter the girls and their horses. The overall look must be stunning to be super-appealing in the pen.”

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Cover Design and Photo: Ali Hubbell

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