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It’s A Dog’s Life: GoHorseShow Celebrates National Pet Day with Some Famous Furry Faces

While we may call ourselves “horsemen,” the vast majority of us can be categorized as true “animal lovers.” And no barn is complete without a dog. These furry assistants “help” with longing (ok, maybe not), greeting customers, desensitization, and our mental health. 

In celebration of National Pet Day and the joy dogs bring to our lives, we decided to feature a couple of familiar fur faces around the horse show world to get to know them a little better. 

Jake Gillespie (Gillespie Show Horses)

Everyone loves a good underdog story, and Jake Gillespie, a four-year-old pit bull, is the perfect example of that – and that’s no bull! 

This dapper gentleman went from homeless in a Gainesville, Texas shelter to living the high life on the road as a critical member of the Gillespie Show Horses team. Jake is breaking stereotypes and gaining fans one show at a time.

Initially, he wasn’t well-received at shows as he doesn’t look like the “typical” horse show dog. Many people were afraid of Jake due to his tough-guy appearance. But, little did they know, Jake has a marshmallow center and a legitimate fear of Chihuahuas – some dogs’ bites are just as bad as their barks, according to Jake.  

To combat his intimidating exterior, Jake’s people began dressing him in friendly t-shirts, and the rest is history. Jake and his casual wardrobe are now fixtures at significant shows, proving that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Homeboy Isbell-Garcia (Kevin Garcia Originals)

Homeboy Isbell-Garcia, a five-month-old French Bulldog, is the top dog for good taste. 

Homeboy’s opinions are in high demand. He can be found critiquing Kevin’s newest horse show designs by day, like his first hero Anna Wintour. You can find him in the kitchen by night, offering his opinion on Brian’s many culinary experiments, like his second hero Gordon Ramsay.

Homeboy relishes time cruising the town, relaxing spa days, shopping and brunching with his dads, and checking new Delta Clubs off his bucket list. (We wouldn’t mind coming back as Homeboy in our next life.) 

If you need an opinion on fashion, food, travel, or are simply in need of some slobbery kisses at the next show, Homeboy is your homeboy.

Levi, Thelma, and Louise Ainsworth (Clint Ainsworth Show Horses)

Little did Elvis know, but he had the Ainsworth “hound herd” in mind when he wrote Hound Dog.

Levi, an eight-year-old beagle, takes his role seriously as the officer tasked with rounding up his two Basset Hound sisters Thelma, five months, and Louise, two years. 

Hounds are known to follow their noses to the fun (or trouble), and the Ainsworth Bassett sisters are no exception. Thankfully, when things get too rowdy, officer Levi is there to sound the alarm with his trademark howl. Every crew needs a resident buzz kill, and Levi is proud to serve in that capacity.

When left to her own devices, sweet Louise is happy to explore show grounds looking for unsuspecting suckers to love on her and feed her treats. Indeed, Louise has developed her fan section, and Clint is frequently approached by strangers asking about Louise. (Girl gets around.)

Don’t let Thelma’s sweet, droopy eyes confuse you. She’s the criminal mastermind of this gang. According to Thelma, no field can be left unexplored, no dog bed can be left unchewed, and no scent can be left unsniffed. When you pair a curious mind with an intense nose and puppy training, things can get “western” with Thelma! 

These hound dogs have never caught a rabbit, but, unlike Elvis’s hound dog, they’ll be your friends if you’ve met them at a show! (Or at least they’ll steal your food.) 

Mason, Mariah, Margo, and Marilynn Taylor (KRT Show Horses)

Disney has Mickey. Frosted Flakes has Tony. Cheetos has Chester. And KRT Show Horses has Mason (8yo Pomeranian), Mariah (3yo French Bulldog), Margo (2yo French Bulldog), and Marilynn (5-month French Bulldog) – every iconic brand needs a mascot (or two…or four)!

This loveable pack has graced the pages of GoMag and has been featured in numerous Kent Ray Taylor ads, making them “furmilar” faces in the industry. Step aside Hadid sisters. There’s a new sibling power crew in town!

These “model” citizens may look like stuffed animals, but their demands are real. 

Mason, the original diva, prefers relaxing in the lap of luxury. However, he follows social distancing Covid rules seriously with a “you can look at me, but please no touchy” approach…unless you’re a part of his quarantine circle.

Mariah (aka RyeRye) enjoys cool weather (forget hot girl summer, she prefers cool girl winter), long walks (where her people do the walking and the carrying of her), belly rubs, and soft blankets. Being a princess ain’t easy, but if the shoe fits, Mariah is happy to wear it…and possibly chew on it (don’t tell Kent)!

Margo (aka GoGo) is a real foodie. Her life motto is “eat hard, play harder.” This tomboy has a real heart of gold. She has an appreciation for throwback jams and the Spice Girls. While Mason and Mariah may duke it out over who gets to be Posh Spice, Maro will happily claim the title of Sporty Spice!

Marilynn (aka Mimi) is undoubtedly made of sugar and spice…and everything nice. The social butterfly of the crew, Mimi has yet to meet a stranger. While Kent may collect the horses, Mimi is happy to collect dog toys – and she’s already amassed a collection to rival Kent’s barn.

If you see the magnificent model “M” crew at a show, say hello and bring belly rubs!

Walter William George (Becky George Show Horses)

“Wally,” as he is known to his friends, is a three-year-old Bull Terrier that has made his career as a fur-sistant at Becky George Show Horses. 

Wally considers himself an exercise advocate and is working on launching a webinar fitness series involving running laps around round pens. He prefers the “kill two birds with one stone” approach of getting himself and the horses in his care fit at the same time. According to Wally, the best way to succeed in this industry is to become a habitual multitasker.

When Wally isn’t exercising, he spends his days road-tripping, jumping up and down in muddy puddles (lookout, Peppa Pig), and boating. Although, when it comes to boating, Wally is more of a “party in slow motion” kind of guy – the beach and the boat are great, but don’t rock the boat because Wally isn’t big on waves.

Wally is living his best life, but he has one dream he continues to aspire towards: to make it big in the music industry. That’s right. Wally loves to sing! He especially loves to sing early in the morning, while his friends are sleeping, with a voice that would bring tears to Simon Cowell’s eyes (the jury is still out whether that would be tears of joy or misery).

So, next time you’re at a show and need to fill your heart with uplifting songs, stop by Becky George Show Horses for a duet with Wally. (And you better do it before Wally becomes too famous and his agent puts the kibosh on impromptu performances.)


Here’s to the pets that fill our lives with laughter, cuteness, and wet kisses! And remember this National Pet Day, and every day, to always be the person your dog thinks you are.

If you have fun pet pics and stories to share, let us know in the comments.

About the Author:  Megan Rechberg has been riding horses on and off since she was in sixth grade. She works as a full-time mom to son Jackson and daughter Sterling, part-time litigation attorney, and social media manager for up-and-coming APHA stallions. She is also the fur mom to Alaskan Klee Kais Kane and Koda (both ten years old).